Poor Grace. Nurses Season 1 Episode 7 was another Grace centric chapter, and gentleman, did we feel for her. She’s trying so hard to be strong, but she’s get through so much.

Grace blames herself for what Dr. Hamilton did to her. That isn’t an singular response to an assault, unfortunately. Thankfully, Grace has Ashley and the rest of her friends to tell her that it wasn’t her fault.

What happened with her patient, Nic, nonetheless, was. We can sympathize with Nic. Between living in a infirmary and dealing with a chronic health, it must be the worst. Plus, “losing ones” toes? Nobody can blame her for wanting a day off.

Nic and Grace Drink - Nurses Season 1 Episode 7

Nic: Two toes down. Pedicures will never be the same.Grace: Maybe you’ll get a 20& discount.Nic: You know, when you’re going downhill, you don’t ever think that you’re literally going to fall apart.Grace:( Laughs) Sorry. I shouldn’t laugh.Nic: Actually. It’s the only thing that does me through.Grace: Life is hard. You “re going to have to” laugh. And then buckle down, take responsibility, and be the very best you. You can’t only do what it is you crave because it feels good in the moment. You have to make choices and stick with them.Nic: Oh, good baron! Grace: I’m just saying, life is all about countenancing how things are.Nic: Okay. That’s fairly! You want me to give up? Grace: No. No, you misjudged me. Nic: No , no, I understand. In point, suddenly everything has become very clear, so, thank you.Grace: What “are you doin “? Nic; I have become a professional patient. I snacked, drink, and crap on a schedule! Grace: You live in the hospital. It has to be on schedule. Nic: Yeah, but, is that a life? Well, I can tell you, it’s not. No. No. God. I’m getting out of here.Grace: Okay, well, you can’t just leave. You have to get a indicated release from a doctor.Nic: Who cautions? I don’t care. I don’t care. I don’t.Grace: You should. You’re a diabetic with chronic renal omission. You’re a long-term patient; if “youre leaving”, you’re gonna lose your bed.Nic: I don’t care. This plaza is keeping me alive, but I am dying inside.

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Had she gone to the Bed and Breakfast Grace recommended, she might have been fine. That wasn’t what Nic demanded, though. Nic want to get party.

Grace should have known better than to indulge Nic. Drinking with your patient, who shouldn’t be boozing at all, is not a good intuition. Likewise, creating a patient to the home of someone who works at the hospital crosses a major line.

Health care professionals need boundaries between their work-life and their home-life. Grace had no right to draw Nic to Ashley and Wolf’s house.

Ashley was super understanding, though, and we get why. Grace has been trying so hard to hold it together. She use her relationship with Kabir to get through, but that wasn’t working anymore, so she aimed it.

It’s a good thing, but it does aim she doesn’t even have that anymore. She feels alone in her sorenes, and an integrated part of her reputes she deserves it.

Ashley Watches Grace's Breakdown - Nurses Season 1 Episode 7

Grace: I’m just so tired of prop it all together. It’s become who I am.Nic: Then be somebody else.

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Logically, she knows that’s wrong. She knows she didn’t deserve what happened any more than Naz would if record repeats itself.

Naz was influencing up to be Dr. Hamilton’s next prey, and Grace could see it coming. She ran interference, but she knew she couldn’t do that forever.

Thankfully , now Naz knows what Dr. Hamilton did and what kind of snake he really is. She dislikes him now, and we are going to support her. Hopefully, knowing what he’s like will protect her going forward. He’s certainly got his eye on her.

It isn’t merely Naz or Grace, though. We learned on Nurses Season 1 Episode 6 that this happens all the time. Some of the nannies try to take action, but they never triumph. It’s disheartening, to say the least.

Nurses might be trying to make a point. Maybe this is something that proceeds unaddressed in hospitals all the time, and they’re going for a realistic situation without closure because real-life assault victims of doctors don’t get closure.

Naz At Ashley's Party - Nurses Season 1 Episode 7

Grace: Ruined your party. I wreaked a patient into your home; so, so foolish! It’s like I want to lose my job. Dr. Hamilton will make the first opportunity to fire my ass, and I made a chronically ill patient on a bender. Why am I so stupid? Ashley: You’re not stupid, Grace. It was sweet.Grace: It was naive! I knew. I always knew. Why did I get a spot on his squad? Because I’m so smart? I knew what he missed. All that attending, the hand, the pasture, always finding a way to touch me, And I thought that I was so talented. I never did nothing about it. I would just stand there, and smile, and laugh, and I never say something. And each time that he swept the line, that I knew he was crossing the line, I only, would just freeze. So stupid! and that was six of us in this room, and it was open-heart surgery, so nobody’s looking at me. And he was behind me, and his hand on my back, down my waistband, and he’s touching me, and I didn’t do anything, I didn’t say anthing. I didn’t tell anybody. I knew. I knew. I always knew! Ashley: So what if you are aware of? That doesn’t make it okay. Nothing prepares it okay.

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More likely, and hopefully, we will get some closure on this. They’ve been thumping this pony for a while, building up to it, and with Dr. Hamilton on organization, it won’t go away until they do something about it.

TV is about glitter a spotlight on real issues, but it’s too about wish-fulfillment. Hopefully, we get to see that dirtbag get what’s coming to him.

The group lastly knows about Grace’s assault, which is a relief. It originates sense that they didn’t know before. Grace wanted it to be a secret.

However, it is surprising how little they all know about each other, considering how much term they invest together.

Only Ashley knew about Wolf’s infancy struggle with Leukemia, and none knew Grace had a boyfriend. The five of them have tough rackets that exclusively other harbours can understand. They are each other’s village.

Ashley Has Grace's Back - Nurses Season 1 Episode 7

Grace: I breaking with my boyfriend.Wolf: Wait, you had a boyfriend? Grace: Wow, we all really need to talk more.

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That seems to be the message of the occurrence. It’s a great message, but it simply toils if they are cozy list on each other.

Naz was so embarrassed that she evidenced up to a casual party in a illusion outfit with a hostess offering. It was merely after Grace’s secret came out that she declared her social faux-pas.

She seems to have learned that they need to be real with each other. They need one another, and they can only help each other if they are real.

Once Grace came clean about who Nic truly was, everybody rallied to help. Nobody even returned her a hard time about it.

Patience is a goodnes in the particular profession, and with all the patience and understanding the working group demo, you know they picked the right career path.

Keon Confronts Dean - Nurses Season 1 Episode 7

Keon: I lost my temper today, at work. I never do that.Naz: I broke down in front of a coma patient’s family.Keon: This job.

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Keon’s patience loped out a bit at research hospitals. His patient’s father was emotionally abusive to his boy, and Keon took it very personally.

He doesn’t frequently lose his cool like that, and I can’t help but wonder if he has similar issues with his own daddy. Time will tell.

Naz also broke down about Veer’s condition. This draw ability because we know she bonded hugely with Veer and his cousin, Dev.

The glints between Naz and Dev are adorable, and I’m aroused to see more of them. I had hoped Veer would live, though.

Naz And Keon Bond - Nurses Season 1 Episode 7

Grace: How strong do we have to be, to face what we face everyday, considering beings on the worst day of their lives, every switch? Patient’s Family Member: He has Hep C, ‘kay? And he precipitated. He’s sick and you gotta help him.Grace: The madness of everyday instants, accidents, occurrences, unexpected sting, unknowable aftermaths, and the unpredictability of human nature.

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Ashley also lost her cool, but it wasn’t until after she left the hospital. She had a panic attack about getting jabbed with a patient’s abused needle.

What happened to her was bad, and it induces sense it would affect her. However, she knew she was fine. The needle didn’t puncture the gauntlet, let alone the skin.

The plotline seemed wasteful. Perhaps it was just there to show cuteness with Ashley and Caro, who seem to be pretty serious already.

A mint of our group are paired up now. Keon is with Dr. Banks, Ashley is with Caro, Naz might have something with Dev, and while Grace is newly single, something is brewing between her and Evan.

Evan Watches Grace Dance - Nurses Season 1 Episode 7

Nic; I visualize I’ll just go where the wind takes me. You know life is what happens while you’re making other proposes. That’s Lennon. John , not Vladimir. Kabir:( Whacks on opening and goes Grace’s attention) You’re the one who’s so preoccupied with returning this bag.Grace: Time make your trash. I don’t crave it at my lieu anymore. Get it yourself. It’s in locker 26. Combination 34 -5 4. Kabir: Okay, hold on. Look, I’m sorry. It feels wrong for it to end between us.Grace: Did it feel wrong to sleep with me and then go home to your fiancee?( He leaves. Grace returns to Nic) So, where were we? Nic: A sweetheart betrothed to another. The patch thickens. I’m excited. I didn’t think you had it in you. Sayonara.

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His smile watching her dance was adorable, as was his reaction to her phone call about her broken off. Again, she’s not really in a position to get into a relationship right now, but if the stars align at some stage, they would be charming together.

Even Sinead is dating Detective Walker, though she was unhappily absent from this episode.

The only one left single is Wolf. His storyline was great. Being a father is hard, and there is no shame in asking for or consenting promotion. Adult couples struggle to juggle it all, so has become a single young baby would be nearly insurmountable.

Sasha: Sometimes I was just wondering if I should have just let that duet take him. I know they were neat. Lot’s of coin. They seemed happy together. They would have been amazing mothers, but I merely … I couldn’t get it on. And the thing is, he probably would have been better off. Wolf: You’ll never know. You’ll never know that.Sasha: Yeah. The road not taken, right? God, sometimes I even wonder about me. The me that I would be if I just let him go.Wolf: There she is. What do you think she’s got going on? Sasha: Well, she’s in university. Wolf: Okay.Sasha: Not part-time. Full-on degree with lots of parties and a charming lover and -Wolf: I examine he’s a douchebag, though.Sasha:( chortles) Yeah. That sounds about right, dedicated my smell, but um, you are well aware, she’s having a blast.Wolf: You recall she ever thinks about that route not taken too? You know, where baby Jay is, and how he’s doing? Because I speculation she’s looking back at you, and she’s thinking she is so strong, and she is so brave, ’cause she went with her nerve, and now she’s compiling it all work.Sasha: It’s just, it’s hard-bitten. And my mummy retains calling me, and I’m ike, “I got this, I came this, ” but, you are well aware, I don’t actually have this. I don’t have this.Wolf: But everybody needs cure sometimes, right? Even shocking it is necessary to facilitate sometimes. And you severely need some sleep.

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Sasha was determined to be a baby to her son, but she was neglecting herself. Thankfully, her baby seemed willing to help her out in the end. Sadly , not all young single mothers have mothers willing to do that.

Our culture reaches mothers is guilty for needing help, but it’s completely normal. Sasha would be useless to Baby Jay without sleep.

Wolf Worries About Sasha - Nurses Season 1 Episode 7

Yeah, Baby Jay, okay. You’ve gotta hit the hay; your mom, your momma, she’s on the verge of losing her mind. Oh, you … you understood matters? Well, yeah adult, You know, you’ve gotta looking after for her. She struggles sometimes, right? But she obstructs getting back up, and she loves you. She loves you a whole lot. Man, if you’ve came that. Man, you’ve got what matters. You’ve got what matters. Yeah, Baby Jay, you obliged me kind of feel like a grown-up. I looks just like you man. Yeah, you’re alright.

Wolf Permalink: Yeah, Baby Jay, okay. You’ve gotta hit the hay; your mommy, your mama, she’s on the brink of …

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You it is necessary situated the oxygen concealment on yourself firstly before helping your child. We all know this, hitherto it is so easy to forget.

Meanwhile, Baby Jay was adorable. Do you know what else was adorable? Wolf with a child! That was such a cute stage! He’s such a good caregiver.

All the harbours had a hard-bitten twenty-four hours, but they learned to lean on each other when it’s all over. This was a terrific episode.

Maybe it’s not about how strong you need to be to face what every day creates. but who it is necessary to around you to make it okay.

Grace Permalink: Maybe it’s not about how strong you need to be to face what every day makes. but who you need …

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Over to you, Fanatic. Do you think Keon has daddy matters? Do you expect Naz and Dev to come together? And how are they going to deal with the elephant-sized slimeball doctor in the room?

Let us know in the comments, and recollect, you can watch Nurses online right here via TV Fanatic.

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