The Haunting Of Bly Manor’s Hannah Grose( T’Nia Miller) began the season by lighting four candles in the manor’s church, which actually propped a very significant meaning to the series and to her. But what do the four candles in Mike Flanagan’s horror follow-up series actually mean.

Flanagan’s highly apprehended follow-up to the successful line The Haunting Of Hill House arrived on Netflix in October 2020 and continues to captivate followers. Adapted from Henry James’s 1898 repugnance novella The Turn Of The Screw, which is considered one of the greatest haunt stories in history, Bly Manor tells the story of a young governess mentioned Danielle “Dani” Clayton, showed by returning Hill House cast member Victoria Pedretti. She is hired to care for Miles and Flora Wingrave, who’ve lost their parents to a tragic accident, and begins to discover that Bly Manor is full of veiled souls of the flavors who have been killed there. When she first arrives, Dani meets their nanny, Hannah Grose, who is standing over a well seeming lost in thought.

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Hannah is in love with the manor’s chef, Owen Sharma( Rahul Kohli ), whose father dies in the midst of their tale. She attends seriously for everyone and continues to do so even with one of the series’ biggest spins. The four candles have everything to do with her as well as those she attends and cared for while she spent her life as the Wingrave children’s nanny.

It makes the streak up until incident 5, “The Altar Of The Dead, ” to has indicated that Hannah Grose was murdered by Peter Quint( Oliver Jackson-Cohen) while he was possessing Miles. Up until this moment, she seems to be one of the few living people who inhabit the manor. In episode 5, the demo takes the viewer back to minutes before Dani arrived at Bly, when Hannah is looking down at the bottom of the hole. Unknown to the brand-new governess, she had been pushed down it only moments before. Tragically, if she had arrived sooner, Dani could’ve saved Hannah .

Throughout the series, Hannah participates the same sounds in the wall but looks at them confusingly. When she was propagandized down the well, the last thing she saw was a “Y” shaped fracture. While other ghosts get tucked away like Peter Quint and Rebecca Jessel, Hannah Grose does not come folded into a reminiscence, that audiences know of, until “The Altar Of The Dead” when she revisits the first moment she assembled Owen several times. Due to the fact that Dani ended her self-mourning, it stopped her from recognizing that she had actually passed away. Hannah was technically in denial, which angered Peter because he was forced to understand that he was dead seconds after the dame of the pond killed him. If the souls know that they are dead, it propagandizes them further towards forgetting themselves, get lost in memories, and then losing their faces as they begin to fade with experience. Hannah Grose withstood all of this until Peter made her to be addressed her dead body in escapade 7, “The Two Faces, Part Two.”

Hannah beacons candles in memorial of the people who have died. Two of them are for Charlotte( Alex Essoe) and Dominic Wingrave( Matthew Holness ), the parents of Flora and Miles. She shared a depth linkage with Charlotte, who have contributed to her through the end of a hectic relationship. Ms. Wingrave even connected her in lighting candles in remember before she died. Due to the bond they shared, Hannah suns a candle for the deceased Wingraves.

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The third candle is for Rebecca Jessel, who is believed to have killed herself after Peter Quint presumably abandoned her. Hannah felt connected to Rebecca due to her kindness and consideration for everyone around her. Fundamentally, she had a caring personality, which the nanny admired in her. Hannah likewise believed that Peter took advantage of her in every mode. As a practice to status her, she lights a candle in the church and cries that she perceives solace in the blis. While it is assumed one of the candles is for Owen’s recently deceased mom, she does not die until bout 3, “The Two Faces, Part One.” The fourth candle, tragically, is dedicated to someone far closer to home for Hannah.

The fourth candle that Hannah lit in episode 1 was for herself as though she did not fully mourn or declare her fatality, it remains in the back of her judgment. This is also proven by the amount of ages Hannah verifies the hits in the wall. Despite the fact that she doesn’t forget herself or act like the other haunts caught in the members of this house, there are still bits of her last living minutes that still burst through to the realm of the living.

In order to feel at ease with demise, she ignites the candles for the dead. The rehearse is used in order to pray for someone and for a particular thing for such person or persons. In situations of the Wingraves, it will probably that Hannah prayed that they are no longer suffering in the ways that they did when they died. Though it remains unknown as to how the pair died, it is known that they were in a appalling accident, inspiring some fans to theorize that it was vehicular while others recommend Dominic’s grief over Charlotte’s affair headed him to kill them both. Either way, Hannah prays that the misfortune they knowledge does not follow them into the afterlife. She cries for Rebecca Jessel in hopes that she can move on from Peter Quint and no longer suffer under his torment. This also explains why she does not ignited a fifth candle, which would be for Peter. She does not like him, so she does not burn a candle in memorial of him.

Hannah likely lighted a candle for herself in commemoration of the living standards she formerly lived. It was clear that she felt a lot of unrequited ardours while she was alive. Hannah didn’t believe that Owen enjoyed her in accordance with the rules that she did and the man she was with before revealed her. It is likely she ignited a candle for herself with the subconscious insight that she is dead and needs herself to move on in the blis. The ghosts withinThe Haunting Of Bly Manor are all tormented by something and Hannah Grose operations her candles to pray for their relief in the afterlife.

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