After a frenetic debut, things were definitely less crazy and a lot more inhibited on the follow-up installment.

Big Sky Season 1 Episode 2 was all about replenishing in more of the bits and continuing the story building. With so many personas, it will take a while to get to know everyone, but we’re slowly getting there.

And it’s the smaller character instants that are the most exciting aspect of the series thus far.

Cassie Searches - Big Sky Season 1 Episode 2

One of the show’s criticisms thus far has been in regards to the tone. They cover some serious subject matter, more there’s also dark feeling that imbues many incidents as, well, to the point that it can be jarring.

There are three women series subterranean, potentially being peddled across the border and sold into sex slavery, and during an earnest discussion, there’s an ill-timed joke about intent up on an bout of Dateline.

It’s not completely clear what kind of show Big Sky wants to be more, but the second episode is less action and more exploration.

There’s a lot of time spent with Ronald and Rick during the hour, as they remain pretty calm considering all the chaos bordering them.

Unlikely Alliances - Big Sky

They dump vehicles and cover-up assassinates all before lunchtime, and they scarcely break a sweat!

There was a lot of opinion about Rick being Ronald’s father, but that doesn’t seem to be the case based on what we know so far. Rick mentions having picked Ronald to be a part of the sex trafficking pealing Ronald is a part of, and while that doesn’t rule out Rick being “his fathers”, it would be a bit of an quirky choice of words.

Rick is the brains of the operation, and Ronald is the foot soldier who makes tells and does what he’s told to do.

It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for the evidence to probe deeper into flashbacks regarding the relationship between the two men and how they got to this point in time.

Canvassing the Truck Stop - Big Sky Season 1 Episode 2

Ronald is impressionable, spotty, and has some deep-seated mommy publications forming it easy to see how he’d be drawn into criminal activity like kidnap and trafficking.

But was there a tipping level? Was he a low-level criminal who satisfy Ronald and then turned into something more sinister?

The dynamic between Ronald and his mother continues to be the most confounding aspect of the appearance, and they haven’t even scratched the surface on exploring the Pergman household.

For as much as Valerie seemingly wants to push Ronald out the door, she’s too overbearing, wildly unwarranted, and intends to keep Ronald on a short leash.

Headed Down - Big Sky Season 1 Episode 2

She likewise appears to be oblivious to what Ronald is actually up to when he claims to be traveling the Montana highways and byways as a truck driver. Right now, their interactions feel solely separate from the rest of the plot, but you have to assume that at some pitch, that storyline will come into play.

Danielle, Grace, and Michelle wasted their first full era in captivity organizing a long-term plan to free themselves, and candidly, given the circumstances, they come up with a moderately decent one.

Every experience Ronald speaks, it’s obvious the man is looking for validation in any way he can get it. Trying to appeal to that may be the best chance the girls have at eventually being able to break free because it’s unclear what the proposal is for them moving forward.

Grace: Are you ok? Michelle: Yes. Danielle: What happened? Michelle: He had a plan. Now the schedule is ruined.

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The three constitute a problem for Ronald and Rick in many different ways.

Barn Working - Big Sky Season 1 Episode 2

The fragile, yet heartwarming, affair that’s developing between the three women is by far the best part of the second hour. Placed into a situation that has them all scared and literally fighting for their lives, they’re learning to rely on each other and do what they have to do to survive.

The Jenny and Cassie partnership is bumpy at best, with residual Cody feelings still at play.

Jenny: How did you two leave things last-place light? Cassie: I told him we were over. Jenny: And how did he take that? Cassie: I’m not sure. Not great I recall. Jenny: Is he in love with you? Cassie: I don’t know.

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If you were wondering how they were going to explain Cody’s VERY rapid departure, we learn reasonably early on that he’s an alcoholic on top of being a renegade ex-cop with a temper.

Perhaps that will stop Jenny and Cassie for the day, but what’s the grandiose plan for Rick moving forward? Everything is moving promptly, with the maidens right on the cusp of putting things together.

Asking Around - Big Sky Season 1 Episode 2

Cassie is onto Rick, and she’s not claiming otherwise. And formerly Jenny comes her pass on the surveillance footage, she may have a beat on Ronald as well.

But it’s too early in the season for everything to come together, which symbolizes it’s probably safe to usurp there are more twistings and turns to come, and that would be for the better.

Without the last-minute stun to spice things up, this was subpar at best.

Shining A Light - Big Sky Season 1 Episode 2

Odds and Ends

Ryan Phillippe alert! Cody is very much deceased, but he did show up in some flashbacks with Cassie, and they inspected fairly in love. It wasn’t clear if their relationship was more than a fling, but I think we got our responses.

Speaking of flashbacks, we need to see more about everyone, but specially Michelle. The affinity she’s cultivating with Danielle and Grace is probably the brightest recognise still further.

Does anyone else get a weird vibe from Denise? There’s something off about her. And insisting that Rick was inoffensive sense curiou, to say the least.

There’s still some merriment to be had in Big Sky, and the plot is moving, but this didn’t certainly feel as fresh as the captain, but it’s early, and who knows what direction we are headed next.

Chains - Big Sky Season 1 Episode 2

Which attributes do you want to learn more about?

How long until the females recognise Cody isn’t coming back?

What are you hoping is going to happen?

Leave all your commentaries down below and recollect you can watch Big Sky online via TV Fanatic anytime!

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