Paramount Pictures has exposed the first image for a Blue’s Clues movie which peculiarities the three hosts of the serial united together. Blue Clues premiere on Nick Jr . on September 8, 1996 and be concentrated on the undertakings of a puppy simply called Blue as she and her human owner solve problems by clues she has left indicated by her blue paw etch. The streak was a smash hit when it premiered and has become a pop-culture institution, as the streak recently celebrated its 25 th anniversary.

Over the course of the serial, there have been a number of legions, with Steve( Steve Burns ), being the first and most famous one who appeared on the appearance from 1998 to 2002, where he was then replaced by the following text two brothers Joe( Donovan Patton) as the streak said Steve went off to college. When the picture returned in the form of Blue’s Clues& You !, Josh( Josh Dela Cruz ), who is Steve and Joe’s cousin made over as the host. For people who grew up with the series as part of their childhood, each legion is likely to hold a certain level of emotional load. This is evident as a recent video featuring Steve to celebrate the series’ 25 th anniversary started viral.

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It appears the three Blue’s Clues hosts will unite to appear in an upcoming Blue’s Clues movie coming to Paramount +. The streaming service Paramount + released an image of Steve, Joe, and Josh with Blue in the city. The movie is officially entitled Blue’s Big City Adventure and will be available in 2023. It will reportedly feature Blue and Josh heading to New York City, with the help of Steve and Joe, to audition for a big Broadway melodic. See the idol below 😛 TAGEND

This is not the first time the three hosts have appeared together, as both Steve and Joe have appeared on Blue’s Clues& You! and all three performed together at the 95th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2021. This also is not the first Blue’s Clues movie, as that statu goes to the 2000 direct-to-video movie, Blue’s Big Musical Movie. However, this new film appears to be breaking the traditional format of the serial, taking Blue into a more realistic world-wide as opposed to the storybook idols of the serial, suggesting a much larger scale project. Uniting the three multitudes is an attempt to appeal to a generational nostalgia to make families together and older gathering members who remember the streak fondly.

While Blue’s Clues is a major dealership, and with the title Blue’s Big City Adventure showing a larger scale than the series, the decision to release the movie as a stream liberate comes in line with Paramount’s plans to prioritize streaming over theatrical cinemas. It likewise shows the studio prioritizing streaming projects for younger publics, especially around Nick Jr. symbols, as a spin-off series to the film, Dora and the Lost City of Gold, which itself was based on the touch enlivened successions Dora the Explorer, is also coming to Paramount +. Both Clifford the Big Red Dog and Paw Patrol: The Movie were big hits for Paramount +, so a movie based on Blue’s Clues is likely to be another hit for the streamer.

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