The first look at Battlefield 2042 ‘s gameplay was one of E3 2021 ‘s spotlights, and it seems to have influenced fans to climb back into an older Battlefield title. There’s been a resurgence in the participate basi of Battlefield 4, which propelled all the way back in 2013, near the onset of the previous console contemporary. This return to Battlefield’s last-place near-future setting is a promising sign for the launch of Battlefield 2042 in October.

Battlefield 4 took place in a fictional 2020, seven years in the future at the time of release. It was recently offered for free with Prime Gaming, which is likely a large factor in the increased population, but the return of the streak to a modern position in Battlefield 2042 seems to have made supporters hungry to get back in specific actions. BF4 had a notoriously rocky start, with a launch affliction by flaws and server editions, but it was eventually originated into what is generally considered one of the franchise’s strongest entries.

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A dedicated musician basi remained for Battlefield 4 over the years, but the recent surge pressured EA to increase the game’s server capability, specifically in the U.S. West region. Combined with the superb 15 million views once on the official Battlefield 2042 reveal trailer, this seems to indicate DICE is taking the series in a beneficial counseling after the disappointment of Battlefield V.

Battlefield 2042 ‘s promotional material has noticeably embraced the absurdity of the series’ gameplay. Both trailers still further have essentially been montages of the signature “Only in Battlefield” moments the games’ sandbox combat allows. Helicopters hurtle into each other, an ATV laded with C4 is rushed off a building into an enemy helicopter, and a classic Battlefield 3 maneuver is given a cinematic homage. The emphasis on how recreation the Battlefield series can be has seemingly reverberated well with prospective buyers.

This approach is a far cry from the Battlefield V reveal’s confusing appreciation of both pragmatism and cinematic theatrics – a prescient microcosm of video games itself. BFV never seemed to find its identity, with repeated gameplay changes and vacated activity modes disheartening local communities. Luckily, Battlefield 2042 seems to know what its going for right from the start: the pure chaos Battlefield built its reputation on. Though Battlefield 1 is rather well-regarded, its World War I determining fixes it a little of an anomaly, fixing Battlefield 4 the self-evident entitlement for actors to return to in anticipation of Battlefield 2042.

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Battlefield 2042 is coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/ S, Xbox One, and PC on October 22, 2021.

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