Warning! Spoilers ahead for My Hero Academia Chapter 316!

The last chapter of My Hero Academia constructed it seem as though All For One had killed the superstar traitor Lady Nagant, but recent developments prove otherwise. Before this surprising telling, it’s understandable why books would have come to this conclusion because she literally exploded, on account of the Self-Detonation quirk All For One probably embed in her. Lady Nagant’s reputed extinction couldn’t have come at a worse term, either, because it sounded as though Deku had get to her when she detonated.

The explosive cliffhanger percolated at the end of the ongoing battle between Deku and the executioner Lady Nagant whom All For One had hired to capture and extract the young hero’s One For All quirk. Although her job was to go after Deku, there was something else prompt Lady Nagant. All For One had persuaded the former superstar that her dream of taking down superstar culture would be impossible if Deku lived. Knowing her unstable past with superstar society, it’s obvious that Lady Nagant didn’t certainly have a choice.

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Yet, despite both everything superstar society had put Lady Nagant through and her becoming a hero traitor as a result, it saw as though Deku had been able to convince her that she still had the heart of a hero and that they could save hero society together. This made it all the more tragic when it looked like All For One “ve killed” her because she felt redeemable despite everything that had happened to her. But in assembly 316, Lady Nagant is not simply speaks, but her words prove that Deku had successfully swayed her heart. She tells Deku, Hawks, Best Jeanist, and Endeavor that “the target will be brought to a dwelling in Haibori Forest” and that All For One had called in other rogues to bring in Deku in addition to her. In other commands, she exposes All For One to assist the heroes of a society she had once dedicated her life towards dismantling.

Although this is a extremely welcoming turn of events for books who wanted her to survive and to find redemption, there are a few palpable caveats. The first is that All For One obviously planned for this to happen. Located on the comments he makes later on, All For One knew that Lady Nagant would betray him, so he relayed the information about Haibori Forest to her in the hopes that she would tell Deku because he a established a trap for Deku there. In other names, the evil mastermind All For One demanded her to survive the explosion. This could intend either one of two things. One, he didn’t want the explosion to kill her or, two, he did and fixed it so she would only die after she had time to betray him.

The other difficulty is that, if Lady Nagant does survive, she will have to answer for the crimes she inflicted against superstar culture. During their epic combat, Lady Nagant admitted to Deku that, right when she decided to betray hero society, she killed her superior, the director of public safety, in cold blood. She too admitted to carried forward the director’s tells of assassinating rogue heroes so that the public would never learn of their guilts. And this isn’t even mentioning all of the crimes she must have committed after exposing superstar civilization. My Hero Academia may have reacquired a lost hero, but that hero’s redemption will come at a cost…to herself and superstar civilization as a whole.

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