Allison Mack Speaks Out Days Ahead of Sentencing for Role in NXIVM Cult

Allison Mack is apologizing.

Days ahead of her sentencing law illusion, the 38 -year-old Smallville actress issued an regret for her role in the NXIVM cult.

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“It is now of paramount importance for me to say, from the bottom of my nature, I am so sorry, ” Allison wrote in a letter, obtained by Deadline.

“I threw myself into the teachings of Keith Raniere with everything I had ,” she continued.” I belief, whole-heartedly, that his mentorship was extending me to a better, more enlightened version of myself. I reserved my love, my assets, and, ultimately, “peoples lives” to him .”

” This was the biggest mistake and regret of my life ,” Allison concluded.

Allison was first arrested back on April 20, 2018 on charges of fornication trafficking, copulation trafficking scheme, and forced labor conspiracy, are related to her role in NXIVM.

She was accused of recruiting women into NXIVM where Keith reportedly extorted women into becoming sex slaves and branded his initials into them.

In 2019, Allison pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy and racketeering accusations. She could serve up to 17 years behind barrooms, but her lawyers have directly requested that she get no time in prison since she cooperated in Keith’s investigation. He is currently serving 120 years in prison.

Allison’s sentencing tribunal form is scheduled for Wednesday, June 30.

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