The Boys season 3 debut name is revealed, and filming begins in early 2021. Amazon Prime’s The Boys is about a world where most super-powered beings are controlled by a monstrous business corporation known as Vought and that superheroes( known as “supes”) are known for ill-use their dominances. They are opposed by the “Boys, ” a group of individuals who know how tainted Vought is and are working to expose the company’s misdeeds and their superheroes. The Boys are led by the charismatic but aggressive Billy Butcher, played by Karl Urban.

The Boys has been a massive success since its series premiere. The show is commended for its irony of superheroes and the superhero category and provisions commentary on American capitalism and patriotism. Ratings for season two have rivaled those of Netflix, nearly doubling its audience from season one. The Boys is currently one of the more popular shows on any streaming service, and the next season is already far along in development.

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The Boys season 3 is under way, according to Kripke. He affixed a picture on Twitter of the first page of the script for the season three debut and revealed that filming would begin in early 2021. The chapter is designation “Payback, ” and according to Kripke, “you’re not f-cking ready.” You can see his tweet down below.

“Payback” is likely a reference to the superhero team of the same name in The Boys comic book series. The team is known as the “second most popular superhero team” and a mock of Marvel’s Avengers. Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles has already been cast Soldier Boy( a gesture to Captain America ), the leader of Payback in the comics. Kripke has confirmed that other members of Payback will be appearing in season 3 of The Boys. This might include Tek Knight, Swatto, Mind-Droid, Crimson Countess, and Eagle the Archer, the latter of which was already introduced in season 2. Stormfront was a Payback member in the comics, so Payback will likely tie into Stormfront’s storyline on the show.

For countless fans of the superhero genre, season two of The Boys couldn’t have been released at a better term. The COVID-1 9 pandemic contributing to dozens of movies being propagandized months or years after their initial liberate dates, and filming for many projects have been delayed indefinitely. Almost every superhero film that was supposed to release in 2020 has been pushed, leaving followers deprived of their regular superhero content. Luckily The Boys manages to scratch that itch for your not-so-typical superhero opposes and brutality while still offering budding commentary and dark humor. Hopefully, The Boys season 3 will continue to satisfy both devotees and commentators alike.

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