RTAG 1 TTHere’s what we know so far about Google’s foldable Pixel phone. Or telephones, according to rumors.

RTAG 2 TTATAG 1 TTIMG 1 TTA mock-up of how the Google Pixel Fold could look.

RTAG 3 TTSamsung, Huawei, and Motorola all pioneered the two categories of foldable telephones, pushing out expensive prototypes bordering on unfinished tech demos to eager shoppers. But with the arrival of the admirable ATAG 2 TTGalaxy Z Fold 3 and ATAG 3 TTZ Flip 3, Samsung altered those discussions around foldable phones, proving they can offer a premium know that slab-shaped phones can’t.

RTAG 4 TTNow, we’re hoping Google returns Samsung a run for its money with its own foldable phones. Throughout 2021, we’ve seen a series of openings about a hypothetical Pixel Fold that would launch alongside the highly-anticipated ATAG 4 TTPixel 6. Google hasn’t announced it yet; but we have reason to suspect the Pixel Fold will arrive soon, along with a brand-new operating system revise focused on foldables: ATAG 5 TTAndroid 12.1.

RTAG 5 TTWhat will the Pixel Fold look like, when will it arrive, and could it have more than one blueprint? We’ll answer all your questions with all the disclosed info we are also able scrounge up. But based on what we’ve heard, we’re confident it will join the ranks of the ATAG 6 TTbest foldable phones; as for whether it’ll compete with the Z Fold 3, we’ll have to wait to learn more.

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Google Pixel Fold Release date and models

RTAG 6 TTGoogle may have two foldable telephones in the pipeline. One, at least, is set to arrive by the end of 2021. The other is more of a mystery.

RTAG 7 TTMultiple leakers have confirmed the existence of foldable telephones from Google. The most recent leak comes from Evan Blass, who tweeted that a “foldable Pixel — codename: Passport, retail branding: uncharted — will indeed launch before the end of the year.” Reportedly, Google architects have depleted two years meeting it, uttering it twice the TLC that most phones get.

RTAG 8 TTHeard from person I trust that the foldable Pixel — codename: Passport, retail branding: unknown — will indeed launch before the end of the year. Apparently they’ve been working on this device for over two years, and if the P6 is any indication, it’ll be worth a look.

— E (@ evleaks) ATAG 13 TTSeptember 20, 2021

RTAG 9 TTCodename Passport has a hypothetical late 2021 handout appointment. The “passport” codename first appeared in August 2020 from a ATAG 14 TTleaked internal Android document, which referenced the Pixel 5a, 6, 6 Pro, and foldable Pixel as 2021 releases. Since then, we learned that Samsung would ATAG 15 TTship Ultra-Thin Glass to Google during the second half of 2021 — the same glass used in the Galaxy Z foldable phones. All signs point to the Pixel Fold being real and in production.

RTAG 10 TTAt the same time, Google may have another foldable Pixel phone, codenamed “Jumbojack.” A ATAG 16 TTrecent report from ATAG 17 TT9to5Google noted that Android devs had worked this mysterious Pixel foldable for a variety of software research based on the “posture” of the phone, such as “half-opened” or “flipped.”

RTAG 11 TTATAG 18 TTIMG 2 TTCould a second Pixel Fold model have a horizontal bend like the Z Flip 3?

RTAG 12 TTThese two codenames conjure a passport opening horizontally and a Jumbo Jack cheeseburger opening vertically, respectively; so in theory, Google could liberate either or both foldables after the new Android 12.1 application is ready. However, internal documents have only pointed to “Passport” coming out this year.

RTAG 13 TTThat could represent Jumbojack won’t ship until 2022, or that it is currently only a paradigm without a hard liberate date. Android devs start software for more than simply Pixel phones, and Jumbojack could have been their room of testing software aspects for sandwich-folding telephones like the Z Flip 3.

RTAG 14 TTIf the Passport foldable ships this year, our best guess of an announcement date is October 19. Credible rumors and a recent Google ad indicate Google will launch the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro on that date, and Google could very well reveal the foldable Pixel as a “one more thing” surprise during the event.

RTAG 15 TTPixel 6 telephones are expected to ship on October 28, so Google could ship its foldable the same day. But Google may decide to release it during the holiday window instead, in order to avoid undermining Pixel 6 sales.

Google Pixel Fold Pricing

RTAG 16 TTATAG 19 TTIMG 3 TTA mock-up to seeing how the Google Pixel Fold could look from the back.

RTAG 17 TTNo rumors or spills have touched on Fold pricing, so we’ll rely on acquainted guesswork. Google hardware chief Rick Osterloh told ATAG 20 TTThe Verge that the Pixel 6 will be a “premium-priced product, ” suggesting it is possible to overhead $1,000 or more, with the Pixel 6 Pro climbing somewhat above that number. So expect the Pixel Fold to cost much higher than that as a premium-plus, first-gen device.

RTAG 18 TTIn the past, Google has focused more on software to optimize mid-range hardware, and “weve had” expected an affordable Z Flip 3 adversary. But with the Pixel 6 lineup going all-out, it wouldn’t make sense for Google’s one budget-minded device to be its new foldable. Expect decently strong hardware and cameras, which will liken to a high price.

RTAG 19 TTMost premium foldables expense in the $2,000 stray, with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 coming simply under that threshold at $1,800. The Pixel Fold is rumored to have a 7.6 -inch display, just overpowering the 7.55 -inch Z Fold 3 spectacle. So we wouldn’t be surprised if the foldable Pixel rates at that rank, if not much higher.

Google Pixel Fold Availability

RTAG 20 TTSamsung plans to make its Z foldables offered in over 100 countries. But Google has always taken a more measured programme for its phone accessibility. The Pixel 5 is ATAG 21 TTavailable in merely nine business — Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Taiwan, United kingdom government, and United Nation — while the ATAG 22 TTPixel 5a only shipped to the United District and Japan.

RTAG 21 TTIt’s unlikely that the Pixel Fold will be sold outside of Google’s normal markets. So depending on where you’re located, you may have to stick with Samsung for your foldable fix.

Google Pixel Fold Design

RTAG 22 TTATAG 23 TTIMG 4 TTA Google Pixel Fold mock-up.

RTAG 23 TTWe’ve heard very little about the codenamed “Jumbojack” foldable, so we’re focusing our blueprint hypothesis on the “Passport” foldable Pixel due out this year.

RTAG 24 TTMultiple reports have indicated that the primary foldable Pixel will have a 7.6 -inch foldable display with Ultra-Thin Glass, exerting the same display cloths as the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Also like that telephone, it should have an in-folding design that closes inward. We’ve produced several photoshopped images that should give you an idea of how the Pixel Fold could seem, based on many leaks and patents.


RTAG 26 TTGoogle ATAG 25 TTpatented a foldable layout( via ATAG 26 TTPatently Apple) back in 2018 that demo off a canny three-screen design with a hinge and a smaller rectangular display that slithers out to increase the footprint of the design. Nonetheless, most patents don’t end up reflected in their company’s final designs.

RTAG 27 TTIt’s not clear whether the foldable Pixel will have a coating spectacle like the Z Fold 3. No openings we’ve seen have referenced one, and Google may very well stick to its main 7.6 -inch display and leave the back of the phone for the camera module. If that’s the case, we wonder whether that will bring the rate down a bit.

RTAG 28 TTWe’ll too have to wait and see whether the Pixel Fold will have a built-in slot for a stylus. Google could design a new, more compact Pixelbook Pen to go with its foldable. If the Pixel foldable doesn’t have stylus corroborate, that’ll give the Z Fold 3 another edge.

Google Pixel Fold Specs


RTAG 30 TTAll clues point to the Google Pixel Fold using ATAG 28 TTGoogle Tensor as its SoC. People diving into the Android 12 beta source code ATAG 29 TTfound remarks to “Passport”, which will use the same hardware as the Pixel 6 lineup.

RTAG 31 TTGoogle Tensor is a custom silicon platform made by Google and Samsung LSI, and it’s confirmed to appear in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. It’ll have performance on par with current flagship chipsets, and allow Google to support Pixel phones for longer periods of time. In theory, the Pixel Fold could get ATAG 30 TT5 years of software support.

RTAG 32 TTGiven that the Pixel 6 Pro is rumored to have 12 GB of RAM and up to 512 GB of storage, we’d expect the Pixel Fold to hit same multitudes for its remembrance. It had been able to have similar camera sensors, such as the ATAG 31 TT50MP main camera sensor and 12 MP selfie camera. But this is all speculation, based on the fact that Google will miss its first foldable to stack up with its cheaper Pro flagship in most specs.

RTAG 33 TTDSCC CEO Ross Young, who broke the news that the ATAG 32 TTPixel Fold would use Samsung Display tech, specified that it would have a 120 Hz refresh rate with LTPO tech for variable refresh proportions( VRR ). A 7.6 -inch screen with the fastest refresh frequency on any phone is something to get excited about. What we don’t know: the screen resolving or what kind of screen protector it’ll have.

Google Pixel Fold Software

RTAG 34 TTATAG 33 TTIMG 7 TTA Google Pixel Fold mock-up.

RTAG 35 TTATAG 34 TTAndroid 12 will arrive in October, imparting with it some gigantic facet revises and a snazzy design language called Material You. But everything in it is tailor-made for standard phone sizings. While Google normally deposits to annual exhausts, it plans to release Android 12.1 this year with implements be concentrated on foldable telephones. Likely, this software will lead the Pixel Fold, though elements of it could come to Samsung’s One UI software as well.

RTAG 36 TTATAG 35 TTXDA Developers got their hands on a preliminary Android 12.1 structure, and dove into some of the features. A new dual-pane layout lets you see multiple pages of Establishes at once, or see your launcher and notification screen at once. The brand-new taskbar — like the Z Fold 3’s sidebar — tells you open your favorite apps with a tap or drag-and-drop them into one half of the expose. The split-screen UI received a revamp. And you can tap and deemed a notification to drag a particular app into one side of the screen.

RTAG 37 TTWe don’t know when Android 12.1 will propel. But it’ll give the new Pixel foldable proper software tools to take advantage of its tablet-sized display.

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