Welcome toMoney Diary, where we’re attacking what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We’re querying millennials how they expend their hard-earned coin during a seven-day span — and we’re tracking every last dollar.

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Today: an airplane pilot who draws $69,000 per year and invests some of her fund this week on ranch Corn Nuts.

Occupation: PilotIndustry: AviationAge: 26 Location: Dallas, TXSalary: $69,000 Paycheck Amount( 2x/ month ): Paycheck differs month to month based on the number of hours I operate and my epoches away from home, but my last-place paycheck was $1,786, which is pretty standard. However a few weeks before, I flew quite a few unwanted trip-ups, which bumped my take-home paycheck for that pay interval up to $2,003.( This also includes the $ 200 allowance I get when I’m on the road .)

Monthly ExpensesRent: $1,080 for a one-bedroom apartment Student Loan Payment:$ 0( I was able to use my dad’s GI Bill for undergrad. Hefty scholarships/ college savings paid for flight institution .) Wifi& Practicalities: $56 Netflix& Hulu:$ 0( I mooch off of my momma .) Cell Phone: $55( I’m still on my parents’ propose, but I Venmo my dad every month for my parcel of it .) HSA: $125 Car Insurance: $172( It should not be this high, but my automobile got pretty slammed up when I applied street parking in college. I predict I’m a safe captain !!)

Annual ExpensesRetirement Accounts: $18,000( My firm contributes SIXTEEN PERCENT to my 401( k ). I am unworthy .) ForeFlight Pro: $200( An aviation nerd’s PornHub. I pay for both quarry and my dad’s annual dues .)

Day One

7: 02 a.m. — I wake up not in my bottom. It takes me a few seconds to realize I am in my boyfriend, R.’s, apartment. I make it to the bathroom just in time to throw up all of last-place night’s inadequate liquid decisions. I use some of his mouthwash, examine his medication board for some ibuprofen, and sneak back to bed and under the extends. I regret everything.

10: 15 a.m. — I wake back up to the seem of the microwave heating up our liquor Mexican food from last-place light. I filled R. on Bumble, and we hit it off instant. Last-place night consisted of DTR-ing( we are now boyfriend/ girlfriend ?!) and presenting him how poorly I suck whiskey. He replenishes me in on the gaps in my remembrance. Yikes — not a merriment tournament. I feel badly for subjecting him to that so early in our relations, so I Venmo him for the Uber home from the bar.$ 9

11: 30 a.m. — Between the two of us, the quesadilla is downed in seconds. I knew there was a rationale I like( adoration ??) him. He is a little younger, and unfortunately still on his “I played brotherhood intramural sports in college” kick, so he peer influences me into a bicycle go along the river.

12 p. m. — The motorcycle razz is astonishingly vomit-free, and we make it back to his sit in one piece. We take a shower together( new rapport perk ), and he leader out to gather up some smoothies for us at a cute new arrange across the street. R. is living in Fort Worth, so it’s been fun getting to explore a different part of the metroplex.( It’s sometimes hard to representation how large-hearted the Dallas-Fort Worth area is. Apparently approximately EIGHT Rhode Islands can fit inside. Huge .) He pays for both smoothies ($ 8) and we settle down on his couch to watch To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

2 p. m. — Genuinely cute movie. 10/10 Sunday hangover couch movie. I am usually not a huge rom-com love, but R. desires them. I tend to be nice unemotional and insensitive, and in the past I’ve inclined towards chaps who were similar to me. Shockingly, those relationships never lasted, so I am very excited to know-how this cute and nostalgic area of R. Hopefully it’ll lightens me up a little.

4: 30 p.m. — After five occurrences of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, our torsoes are gradually molding into his living room lounge. Nonetheless, we both begin going emails/ texts from employment and agree it’s time to get up and adult. We kiss goodbye, joke about how quirky it is that we like one another this much despite congregating on the internet, and I start my trek home. I fill up with gas for the week. I cherish stopping the pump on an even number. $36

7: 15 p.m. — I cook up a quick black nut burger and quinoa dinner( Costco, my freezer loves you) while watching the second to last occurrence of Sharp Objects. Omg. I burn the burger because I leave the kitchen to stand 10 inches away from the television. Worth it.

8: 30 p.m. — I can have some moderately early showtimes at the start of a outing, so I like to be in bunked before 9 p. m. It’s common for pilots to “chair fly” before an important flight, which just consists of all the actions and checklists play-act on that flight with your eyes closed in an hypothetical cockpit. I call my copy “bed flying.” My mind toy my springs and fluctuations involved the next day over and over as I try to fall asleep. My mummy told me I should start reflecting or doing yoga before plot so I browse some apps, but nothing seem like they’d do the trick tonight. Melatonin, it is. I pass out motioning through all of my emergency checklists.

Daily Total: $45

Day Two

3: 30 a.m. — Ha. It’s so early. Roll out of bed, turn on the Keurig, and start styling( igniting the living hell out of) my hair. I shouldn’t attend this much about my impression when I’m getting paid to control a freaking plane. But, over the last few years, I’ve “ve noticed that” commands and fares make young female first officers more seriously in the cockpit when we are refined and made up.

4: 05 a.m. — On my road in I stop at 7/11 and pick up some breakfast. Airport food is ridiculously overpriced. $7.98 for a beaker of grapes, vanilla yogurt, and ranch Corn Nuts. $7.98

5 a. m. — I live unusually close to the airport and have a pass that accelerates my trek through defence, so I can be parked at work and at my instruction, free coffee in hand, within an hour. It’s my obligation as FO to gather all known information for our flights this morning. As I’m trudging through brave instructions, I look up and see that my skipper is one of my former flight institution coaches! This industry can feel daunting and lonely at times, so it’s always wonderful when I know my captain personally.

6: 40 a.m. — Pre-flight is done and the flight conduct organization is programmed for our flight to Midland, TX. While fares are boarding, I label R. in a quirky meme on Instagram and killed him a verse. He reacts with three airliner emojis and a kissy face. He’s 100% still asleep. Doorways close and we receive our taxi permission to the runway. We are retarded a few minutes waiting for other aircraft to take off. Defers are frustrating for all of us, but it’s important to realise how busy these large airfields are( even at 6:40 a.m .!). 99% of the time no individual is at fault.

8 a. m. — In Midland! Beautiful and uneventful morning cruise chasing the disappearing moon. My office view is indefinable. Quick turnaround back to Dallas, and then onto Waco. I’m having such an incredible hour catching up with my command. Next, back to Dallas. We tend to hop around Texas a lot, and I don’t mind at all. I did all of my business flight developing flying these directions, but in a minuscule, propeller airplane. It’s surreal that I now do it in a big ol’ jet.

1: 45 p.m. — Before the skipper and I portion methods in Dallas, I buy both of us lunch at a Terminal B favorite, IceBox Cafe. I get the Caprese salad and he gets the brisket sandwich. We joke that even though we’re done flying together for the day, we still must seek different bowls. Fun fact: it’s not an FAA rule, but more a superstitious rule that the captain and first officer eat different snacks while on duty to avoid probable poison. $28.25

4 p. m. — Today, I wasn’t planned in order to operate this thread, but was called in as a earmark pilot. We have different types of fund, but all are similar to a doctor being on call. We have to be ready at the airport within a certain number of hours after being called up. Luckily, I was announced yesterday afternoon about this tour, so I didn’t is therefore necessary to scramble this morning. My era is over! I am liberated and I thoughts home.

4: 10 p.m. — I take the empty-bellied tollway and get home in times. $1.10

6: 15 p.m. — My apartment complex has a fairly decent gym, and I don’t do anything too fancy, so I don’t picture myself affiliating one anytime soon. I operate four miles on the treadmill and talk to my papa on the phone while I’m chilling down on the rowing machine. He is a onetime Navy fighter pilot, and adores listening my daily stories from floating my “school bus”( as he so lovingly announces it ).

7: 45 p.m. — I know you’re not supposed to do now bath your hair every day, but mine is so thin and gets so greasy at work. Oh well. I shower, gobble my leftovers from last nighttime, and fall asleep on the couch rewatching Shameless for the tenth time.

Daily Total: $37.33

Day Three

7 a. m. — Wake up on the couch to a text from R. asking if I got called in reserve hitherto today. I haven’t, so we plan on intersect for breakfast. He circulates a great deal for exertion and is leaving for a few days this afternoon, so I blithely drive to Fort Worth. We get Chick-fil-A ($ 12, R. wages) and then have a quickie back at his apartment.

9 a. m. — More It’s Always Sunny and couch nuzzles. We smooch and character channels after a few occurrences. R. cross for fits every few weeks, so we try to hang out one or two days during the course of its week in addition to providing weekends, but we both have pretty erratic schedules.

11 a. m. — Trader Joe’s run. I get pre-made salad assortments, peaches, rice patties, Cheddar Rockets, eggs, and fried rice ($ 28 ).( Buying too many perishables can be hazardous because we all know the box of white-hot cheddar mac and cheese in the pantry ever gapes better than the kale mix .) $28

12: 30 p.m. — Thoughts to the gym and get three miles in before I need to stop. Is it regular to have indigestion this debilitating at 26 ?? Maybe it’s the Chick-fil-A. I head back to my apartment for some Tums and couch time.

2 p. m. — I shower, get horizontal, turn on this week’s episode of Shameless, and finalize my Amazon order. It’s a hair serum ($ 13 ), a brand-new nude bra for design ($ 38 ), and Clinique SPF moisturizer ($ 45 ). One of the most alarming acts I’ve learned recently is the incidence of bark cancer in pilots. I’ve been super cautious lately exercising SPF to the areas of my face/ neck that are exposed in the cockpit. $96

6 p. m. — Wake up on the couch. The absurd hours of my job have created a napping villain out of me. My brain turns to mush at night when I don’t have at least a few minutes to snooze during the day( I rocked pre-school ). Mix up a pre-made purse of salad AND cook up white-hot cheddar mac and cheese. Win-win. I longingly heart the bottle of wine-colored in my fridge, but instead launder my food down with a Diet Sprite.

9 p. m. — More TV and some gloom chocolate-covered blueberries for dessert. Head to the bathroom for my interminable nightly routine. Kidding — I am the most difficult and haven’t moistened my face since high school. Flames out and asleep by 9:30.

Daily Total: $124

Day Four

3: 30 a.m. — You know you’re up early when your Instagram feed is the exact same as it was when you fell asleep. Sigh.

3: 50 a.m. — Hair and make-up done. I compress a peach and last night’s leftovers. I feel like I am forgetting something but I’m running late. Hm.

5: 15 a.m. — Still on reservation! It’s very common for the more junior captains to sit on stockpile for quite a few months after being hired. I’ve worked at this airline for roughly nine months, but still waste most of my occasion waiting for that telephone call. I get announced last-place nighttime( they’re generally good with advance notice ), so I am dead-heading to Miami this morning to pick up my line for the day. I get to ride in the cockpit without any of the normal responsibilities! Now THIS is the best task in countries around the world. Breathtaking sunrise all the way to Florida.

9: 30 a.m. — Meet my chieftain for the day and finish all pre-flight. I snack on my peach while he tells me about yesterday’s crazy trek to Miami. He commutes to base, which wants he is responsible for getting from wherever he lives to Miami at the beginning of every tour. Travelling works for some people, but I could not imagine that life. While I was blithely horizontal on my lounge, the captain spent the part previous era at his home airfield waiting for a smudge on a flight. Poor guy.

10: 30 a.m. — Wheels up to Tallahassee! We invest the next few hours bouncing between Tallahassee, Jacksonville, and Miami. I gobble my leftover salad and mac and cheese from last darknes. Mmm, chamber temperature pates. I realise I forgot my phone/ iPad charger back in Dallas, ugh. I acquire one from a sweetened cabin crew for a few hours, but run to a kiosk in Miami to grab my own ($ 30 ). How are these so expensive, omg. $30

4 p. m. — While fares council in Miami, I stand in the caboose with one of my flight attendant gal sidekicks. A middle-aged lover stops dead in his roads, gives me a once-over, and states relatively vigorously: “There is no fucking road SHE is floating us today. I don’t believe it.” I plaster a smiling and muster up my standard reply: “Yes sir, welcome aboard! ” This sort of encounter happens every few weeks, so I’m not taken aback. However, I really wish I could retort something like: “Yes, this $50 -million jet that operates quite damned close to the speed of sound is in MY female fucking hands. Welcome aboard sir! ” Sigh.

7 p. m. — Strip and done floating for the working day. My path ends in Jacksonville and there is a Burger King right next to my entrance that’s calling my honour. It takes every ounce of willpower not to stop. Maintaining a moderately health diet on the road is quite difficult. I snag a shuttle to the inn ($ 2 gratuity ), abruptly change out of my uniform, and plop down at the bar. Sadly , no drinking tonight, but I have a scrumptious sesame tuna salad and Diet Sprite ($ 29 ). Overpriced, but worth it. $31

8: 30 p.m. — Head up to my office, shower, and FaceTime R. for a little to program logistics for our daylight tomorrow. I’m fulfilling him in Houston, where he has a cros, and from there we’ll hopefully non-rev onto a flight home to Dallas.

10 p. m. — Logistics was transformed into telephone fornication which was transformed into me embarrassingly passing out mid-sexy hour. Oops 🙂 Goodnight, R .!

Daily Total: $61

Day Five

4 a. m. — Brew shitty hotel apartment coffee, straighten my fuzz, and put one over full face of makeup. 100% humidity in Florida this morning. Makeup was a horrendous meaning. Continental breakfast isn’t ready this early, so I snag a day-old cookie from the receptionist table. I hop on the airport shuttle ($ 2) and make it to the crew sofa in no time.$ 2

5 a. m. — Hang out in the gang lounge to grab free coffee and chitchat about some brand-new features of our union contract. I’m a highly conflicted confederation member — I understand how important it is for job security and quality of life of canadians, but there must be a better( and possibly little corrupt) way to handle occasions. We have a new hotel programme that’s enormous, but I’m waiting to learn what we’re going to lose. While we’re chatting, I donate $20 to my coworker’s daughter’s sorority fundraiser. $20

6 a. m. — I timber the flight to Houston, and hand out in the window seat of the very last sequence. There is something amazingly therapeutic about the buzz of a jet engine.

8 a. m. — I wake up as we’re attracting into our barrier and ask the sweetest flight attendant to spew me a cup of chocolate as we’re might wish to deplane. A “please” and a affectionate smile goes a long way — those cabin crew cultivate their fools off. I spend the rest of the morning hangin’ in our company’s business lounge.

12 p. m. — Big-hearted hug for R .!! It’s exclusively been two days, but boy I missed that smile. We foresee a quickie in the family restroom, but decide against it. Instead we fulfill our advocates with a Houston favorite, Bam Bam. Imagine fried crawfish in your pho — it’s amazing. We divided the Creole crab patties, crawfish etouffee, and chicken banh mi. It’s 5:00 somewhere and R. time tallied a big deal at work, this is why we get quite a few brews as well. Lunch on me. $122

2: 30 p.m. — Quick flight to DFW. We see mile-high sorority membership, but decide against it. Is this what being a full-grown adult is? I’m not a love. We territory and I drive him back to his locate in Fort Worth. He jokes that my auto isn’t a Boeing, and I need to cool it on the road rage. Oops. We get to his locate in register time.

5: 45 p.m. — His gym has an incredible organization pump class every evening, so tonight I pay the guest reward ($ 10) and join him for an hour-long time. Holy smokes, even my eyeballs are sweating. $10

7: 15 p.m. — We’re still both quite full from lunch, so Jamba Juice smoothie bowls will do the number of jobs. We each pay for our own and wolf them down while watching last-place night’s It’s Always Sunny episode.$ 9

8 p. m. — We shower( together) and crawl into bed. Exhaustion engulf horniness, and we’re out in minutes.

Daily Total: $163

Day Six

7: 25 a.m. — Wake up to R.’s neighbor’s new hound. All of the barking without any of the puppy snuggles? Not fair. However, we’re both up 20 instants before our dismay, so that definitely calls for a morning quickie.

8: 40 a.m. — I brew chocolate and scramble eggs while R. get prepared for office. He has a immediate find this morning and then the rest of the day off! We dine, he leaves me his apartment key, and we say goodbye.

9: 30 a.m. — Before the Texas heat sucks the life out of me, I thoughts to one of my favorite paths near R.’s place for a canter. I feed collegiate cross-country and get antsy if I go too many periods without a nice, long run. 8.5 miles, and I simply stop twice to baby puppies! Head back to R.’s apartment where he’s waiting in the hallway for me to let him in with HIS key. Heh, oops.

12: 30 p.m. — I shower, and we both still have some work to do before the weekend, this is why we psyche to Fort Worth’s downtown square. We find a disreputable counter on Starbucks’ patio, and get crackin’. I have some compensation drawn attention to redeem, so I buy him a large frosted coffee and myself a large strawberry refresher.( I’m that asshole who calls Starbucks sizes “small, ” “medium, ” and “large.”)$ 4

5 p. m. — We finish up use, change into our snazziest Commando gear, and get ready for a sweaty night of baseball recreation. R. drives us to my apartment where we meet up with a knot of my college friends. I’m so happy that he fits in perfectly with this rowdy radical. The sons drink their value in Bud Light, and we catch an Uber XL to the stadium. We split six modes, so it’s$ 5 each. Not too bad.$ 5

9 p. m. — Guard lose, but guessing by the number of corn dogs and fries I spend, I’d call it a triumph. I bought us the tickets a few weeks ago, so R. extends the nutrient and drinkings ($ 77 ). He makes almost three times as much as me, but I like separating concepts quite evenly.

11 p. m. — We attempt to get alcohols in Arlington with a group after video games, but R. and I are both wiped, so we Irish exit. He pays for the Uber back to my home ($ 9) and we’re asleep in minutes.

Daily Total:$ 9

Day Seven

9: 15 a.m. — Neither of us wakes up feeling too well, so we trench our plans for a morning invent class and front to Denny’s with the coupon we prevailed at long last night’s activity. Severe busines, respectable food, but both of us are now exceedingly content. He pays for the banquet and I leave a$ 5 gratuity.$ 5

12 p. m. — We drive to Target, and I pick out a nail polish and a amusing placard for a nuptial we’re going to tonight.$ 9

3 p. m. — The marry is in Dallas, this is why we decide to hang out and get ready at my accommodation. We know there’s going to be lots of drinking at the marry, but we’re unsure of the meat place, so R. meets us cheese quesadillas and mac and cheese while I do my hair and makeup. Mmm, cheese. We feed immediately, put on our fancy clothings, and intelligence down to meet my friend and her husband.

5: 15 p.m. — My best friend from college is pregnant. As excited as I am to meet her little buster, I will definitely miss the built in DD we’ve had. I owe her. The four of us find accommodates and the opening ceremony begins. Ceremony and acknowledgment are at a beautiful outdoor venue, and as soon as the sunbathe designates beneath the trees, the working party certainly starts.

9 p. m. — Open prohibit, amazing parties, and a first dance to Ed Sheeran. What else could you wish for at a 2018 nuptial? We close the festivity out and B ., our aristocrat and savior, chauffeurs a assortment of us dwelling. Apparently I drunkenly promise to babysit her unborn child every weekend ?? Yikes…R. and I try fooling around but we are both wearied, so we cuddle instead and was sleeping immediately.

Daily Total: $14

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