According to regulations, information about my app, refer “Scales. Meter weight simulator”, as it is suspended, screenshots and all the information is here.

I was completed for violations in a related account. I afterwards procured a similar breach at my entrant. 3 weeks ago I sent Google all the information with all relevant considerations. But no one closed his account, like mine, thats why I announce all it on the forums. I archived all the links and recorded the video in case the developer rubs all the evidence. He had a “RAF Systems” account. Then he was suspended, in his opinion is not fair. He himself wrote about completing his account in many lieu( in his social networks ). Google + FB Group FB Profile Then in the same the organizations and sketches, he began to lay out linked to his new apps in already new developer notes( he created 2 new ones ). New histories: Rizbit Apps Sulaysa IT.

There is so much evidence that I do not know where to start. To start, I googled “RAF Systems” and determined the address – Queens Park, Blackburn BB1 1QA, United kingdom government. Address of new details: “RizbIT Apps” The Office, 22 A Valley Lane Blackburn BB1 1PH, “Sulaysa IT” 389 Audley Range, Blackburn, Bb1 1UD. The adresses is very similar.

In his Facebook group( where there is a announce about blocking the old history) on the primary page there is a link to the new app FB – the “Use App” button.

He discussed ternimating his account on the forum, then, at the same meeting, he discussed the possibility of creating a new note and transposing old apps to it. So he eventually did.

On the Google Play website, its aged report and apps are not observable to us, but there are third-party websites that follow message from Google Play, everything is preserved there.

A terminated schedule of apps “RAF Systems”( need to register ). You can also watch his old account on the Amazon website, it is not impeded there. Compensate attention to the screenshots of this app and the specific characteristics of the Facebook group( altogether the same ). The appbrain website accumulations information on all google performance apps( concluded apps too ). For example. Just enter “https :// app /+ package_name”. The reputations of the boxes of his apps can be taken here. Picture a “Web Site http ://” field?( on the page of his app at appbrain assistance ). But if you click there, it redirects to his new app( in brand-new history ). His website shows everywhere and remain in 2013, was used for the old detail RAF Systems, but now it has the usual redirect to the brand-new app( which was published in 2017 ). In My opinion this is already enough.

Note the similarity even in the name of the packages.Terminated: https :// app/ appinventor.ai_riazfir.MobiScales2LiteNew: https :// supermarket/ apps/ details? id= appinventor.ai_sidzis8 8. SuperScalesLite

Here is the trailer( published in 2013) for its old-fashioned( obstruction) app. In the specific characteristics – link, if you click there, its new app opens( 2017 time ). He simply made a redirect to a brand-new app on his old website to get some congestion. On the Google Play there is a piece “web site”, this specific area was scheduled there in its suspended account( This is confirmed by the appbrain service, Website discipline ). Rewind trailer to 57 seconds and remember the articulate, that is precisely the same as in the trailer for his new app. After discontinuing RAF Systems, he firstly created “Sulaysa IT” and publicized trailers for the brand-new account on the old-time YouTube channel. For pattern, is the trailer for the brand-new app. On the same YouTube channel, trailers to a previously suspended detail and there trailers to a brand-new one. What more proof is needed?

I think you have already acknowledged the similarity of icons, descriptions, screenshots, patterns, button orientations, names in all 3 accounts.And I only have another coincide app in RAF Systems and RizbIT Apps( which he removed, but third-party websites have preserved everything ). For sample, here and this is the new one. Here you can see that the screenshots are the same.

I’m previously tired of demonstrating the obvious and I’m tired of writing, look at these screenshots as well as the video.

https :// zeonlhly4re 21. png

https :// n1gh1vly4re21. png

https :// mrg7sxly 4re21. png

https :// odztdtly4re 21. png

https :// weph2uly 4re21. png

https :// 19 w4sqly4re21. png

https :// 2oweeuly4re21. png

https :// zq22ouly4re21. png

https :// n4bfytly4re21. png

https :// m8k2bzly4re21. png

https :// 72 e7g0ny4re21. png

All this I wrote to the Google support team in these tickets[ 6-5644000025241][ 9-4625000024749] 19 days ago.

You have suspended my history due affiliated a partner’s suspended accounting. So, isn’t the association self-evident now ?( raf methods, Sulaysa IT, RizbIT Apps)

I likewise wrote about the same abuse at my second adversary now[ 5-5351000024969] and[ 4-9205000024808] and I will also be forced to publish. Check please.

Why did you terminate me, but do not aborted them for the same misdemeanours?

In the symbols Google writes “Do not attempt to register a brand-new make note. Any new accounts will be closed and your developer enrollment reward will not be refunded.” The main thing here is “Any new”. There it is not written that Google will interrupt selectively or funds such a right. On the contrary, it says that ANY NEW ones will be deleted.

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