Readers celebrate the changing colourings, phones and reeks that are a particular joy on forest gaits at this time of year

The word rainforest creates personas of a rich diverse flora and wild people. But you don’t have to travel to Costa Rica to see it; Celtic rainforest hubbubs and is only a exotic. The Atlantic oak lumbers of the Ceunant Llennyrch natural reserve promote the spirit and are home to more than 400 genus of moss and lichen, with one species- the blackberries in custard lichen( scientific word pitch-black perithecia)- find nowhere else. Such is the forest you find when you walk through the Ceunant Llennyrch gorge up the River Prysor. These woods are being restored to the way they were 10,000 decades ago. Truly primeval. A good footpath extends from the road at Maentwrog.Martin Owen

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