To celebrate the launch of Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead on Netflix, we’ve drafted in a zombie expert to reaction YOUR burning questions about the undead – and having just watched the film, we also have some questions of our own! From zombie newborns to undead animals – nothing is off limits. Sponsored by Netflix.

Dr. Cameron Carlson from the Zombie Research Society is a true cataclysmic pro who will be answering some of the strangest the issues in his job, including “do zombies poop”, “can animals be zombified”, “can zombies have babies” and “do zombies hibernate”. We’ll too be picturing our zombie professional some clips from Army of the Dead, to get his reaction to the zombie baby, the Shamblers of Vegas, and Valentine the Zombie Tiger! Aside from answering questions on zombie physiology, Cameron will likewise be giving us vital tips-off and admonition for enduring the apocalypse in one piece. Army of the Dead is out now alone on Netflix.

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