Manga writer and illustrator Makoto Raiku is currently preparing to release a sequel serial to the critically acclaimed Shonen manga Konjiki no Gash !! or better known in the states as Zatch Bell! Originally published in Weekly Shonen Sunday and as Raiku’s most successful manga to date, Zatch Bell! remains on the proposition of metaphysical beings announced Mamodos who marriage up with human friends, requiring Mamodos with incantation notebooks, for a tournament that takes place once every millennium, pitting other Mamodos against each other in duel. The champion of the tournament becomes the new prince of the Mamodo world.

The series as a whole centered around the title character, Zatch, who in his seeking to become a kind king in his macrocosm that desperately needs one, marriages up with 14 -year old Kiyo Takamine to achieve his goal. Zatch Bell! was immensely favourite during its original 33 volume, 323 assembly guided during 2001 and 2007. It was so successful that it spawned a 150 -episode anime adaptation, video games, and animated theatrical movies.

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In a tweet from its architect, Makoto Raiku announced that a follow-up series officially designation Konjiki no Gash !! 2( or Zatch Bell! 2) is on the way. He did not specify exactly when this sequel will thump world markets or which is what the assertion could be, but the report that a follow-up is coming is a reason fairly for long-time followers to rejoice.

This should specially be some agitating information for American audiences, who never quite received the closure they were hoping for on this place of the world. Merely 104 of the anime episodes were dubbed in English( although the original objective never showed the conclusion of the manga anyway ), while Viz Media finished the English-language release of the manga after only 25 magnitudes. Americans never genuinely got to see the end of Zatch Bell, but bulletin of a sequel at least opens chances for the serial to be re-released to the Country in its entirety in preparation for the new series.

Meanwhile, those who did get a chance to see the manga’s conclusion still have a vested reason to be interested in a sequel. The manga objective freely with Zatch Bell winning the tournament and becoming ruler of the Mamodo world. He parted natures with Kiyo, but saved contact via a symbol Kiyo receives predicting a positive update on what’s going on in the Mamodo world. Following such a joyou purposing , it would be interesting to see how Makoto Raiku continues his Shonen classic, but of course, with no official exhaust time, publics will exactly have to wait and see when and what happens next in the world fo Zatch Bell!

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