Fortnite is popular. Yes, fairly sorry to lowering such a remarkable revelation like that on a Wednesday, but here we are. Epic’s battle royale took four of the top ten recognises among this year’s top 10 activity trailers on YouTube, in particular the entire surface three – and number one is an order of magnitude bigger than anything on the index.

The Season 5 announce trailer – the one with the ruptures and the live-action bits with the Durr Burger in the desert – is in the top spot with 48 million views. The Port-a-Fort debut is at number two with 35 million views, and the reveal of Playground Mode comes in at third place with 34 million views. The introduction of the Season 5 engagement sits at 19.5 million, putting it at quantity nine.

Fallout 76 is the only other PC activity on the roster. The official trailer from E3 is in fourth locate with 33.8 million views, from back when the world at large was still idealistic over the possibilities of an online Fallout. Red Dead Redemption 2’s third official trailer is the one other triple-A liberate on the inventory, coming in at count six with 27.9 million views.

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