Edvin Ryding( Wilhelm) and Omar Rudberg( Simon) connect us to chat all things #YoungRoyals and answer deep a matter of the evidence.

0:17 – 1:47 – Why do you think Young Royals is such a unique show?

1:48 – 2:31 – What’s something you learnt for the first time on decide?

2:32 – 3:05 – Which character do you relate to the most?

3:06 – 4:06 – In what modes do you relate to Wilhelm?

4:07 – 5:15 – Has the acces we consider virility deepened?

5:16 – 6:37 – Why do you think Simon is so unwound about his sexuality?

6:38 – 7:45 – What did you think of the kissing representations?

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Young Royals Cast Answer Deep Questions On Sexuality, Kissing and Intimacy Coordinators

Prince Wilhelm adjusts to life at his reputable brand-new boarding school, Hillerska, but following his feeling proves more challenging than anticipated.

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