Warning: The following contains Spoilers for the first two bouts of Young Justice: Phantoms.

The Young Justice: Phantoms cast is made up of all the actors who previously frisked the Justice League’s proteges, as well as a veritable all-star squadron of talented expression performers covering the supporting roles. While only two episodes of the most predicted Young Justice season 4 have been released still further, a new throw advertisement predicts expanded personas for some members of the team who did not appear that often in the previous season. The new season promises to be a homecoming story of kinds, as the team reunites to face an opponent that menaces the stability of the galaxy.

The first two escapades of Young Justice: Phantoms were secreted onto HBO Max in the middle of the 2021 DC FanDome event, as a special surprise for supporters of the popular enlivened sequences. Focused upon a squad of trainee superheroes, Young Justice was canceled after two seasons on Cartoon Network, due to the show’s smart scriptwriting proving better at captivating teen gatherings than selling war digits to young sons. Thankfully, an active fanbase sacrificed the display a second life on streaming services around the world, leading to a resurrection and a third season on the DC Universe streaming service, where the series thrived with fans and commentators alike , now free from the strict censoring required by Cartoon Network.

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Young Justice: Phantoms picks up one year to the day after the finale of Young Justice: Intruder. While most of the core people do not appear in the first two incidents of Young Justice: Phantoms, a brand-new opening credit incident sketches all the original members of the Team during Young Justice season 1, exhibition their original identities, their current code names, and even their ID code for the Justice League teleportation system. Given that, and the show’s long history of slow-boiling story arcs to open each season, it seems particular the full team is likely to be reassembled as they begin their 10 th year of fighting crime together. Here is a rundown of the Young Justice: Phantoms cast and which courages they are voicing.

A prolific film and television actress, Denise Boutte is perhaps best known for playing the role of Lara Bouchard in the series Stan Against Evil. Bouette returns to the Young Justice: Phantoms cast to play the role of Icon’s partner in crimefighting, Raquel “Rocket” Ervin. Now a full-fledged member of the Justice League, Rocket will have a more prominent capacity as part of the Young Justice: Phantoms cast than she did in the previous season. She does not, nonetheless, make an appearance in the first two occurrences of Young Justice: Phantoms.

First finding renown with a reoccurring character on the soap opera All My Children, Lacey Chabert grew up in the limelight. She is perhaps best recollected for the role of Gretchen Weiners in Mean Girls, but is also an accomplished tone actress who has been working in animation for virtually 30 years, lending her expression to Eliza Thornberry in The Wild Thornberrys and Meg Griffin in Family Guy season 1. Chabert returns to the Young Justice: Phantoms cast as magician Zatanna Zatara, who also met the Justice League with Rocket after originally joining the Team in Young Justice season 1. Zatanna does not appear in the first two escapades of Young Justice: Phantoms but is presumed to be playing a bigger role in the brand-new season, after appearing only three times in Young Justice: Outsiders.

One of the most popular voice actors in the business, Greg Cipes can’t seem to get away from Beast Boy. Cipes has expressed Garfield Logan in various invigorated lines and movies, including Young Justice, Teen Titans , Teen Titans Go! and DC Super Hero Girls. He’s too foolishly retained as the articulation of Michelangelo in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 invigorated lines, among dozens of other capacities. Greg Cipes returned back to Young Justice: Phantoms cast to articulate Beast Boy once again. As the brand-new season opens, Beast Boy is preparing to attend the wedding ceremony of his adoptive sister Miss Martian on Mars, and struggling to balance his work life as the leader of the Outsiders with his love life, trying to find more time for his girlfriend, Queen Perdita Vladek of Vlatava.

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Another remarkable expres performer with dozens of ascribed characters, Stephanie Lemelin most recently lent her tone to Xena Treme in The Rocketeer invigorated streaks and live-streaming supervillain Screwball in the Spider-Man PS4 play. Lemelin returns to the Young Justice: Phantoms cast as Artemis “Tigress” Crock. The youngest daughter of the rogues Sportmaster and Huntress, Artemis rejected her parents’ criminal lives to become Green Arrow’s sidekick and met the team. She later adopted the alias Tigress but continued to serve on the team, mentoring the next generation of young heroes while helping to raise her niece, Lian Harper. Artemis does not appear in the first two escapades of Young Justice: Phantoms, but she still maintains a prominent place in the team lineup in the opening credits.

An Emmy-nominated actor and singer, most recently seen as the Turtle on The Masked Singer, Jesse McCartney returns to the Young Justice: Phantoms cast to articulate the first Robin, Dick Grayson, who now uses the code-name Nightwing. Leader of the Team , nothing is revealed of what has become of Nightwing in the year that now passed since the finale of Young Justice: Foreigner in the first two incidents of Young Justice: Phantoms. It is presumed he is still dating the former Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, who continued to fight crime after being paralyzed, as the hacker Oracle.

First finding preeminence as Winnie Cooper on the original The Wonder Years, Danica McKellar is also a scientific genius who proved a brand-new math theorem while working on her measure. Still acting on place, screen and in the music kiosk, McKellar rejoins the Young Justice: Phantoms cast as M’gann M’orzz, Miss Martian. As Young Justice: Phantoms opens, Miss Martian’s upcoming union to Superboy and her first excursion home to Mars to see her family in some time are taking up M’gann’s time.

Another famed spokesperson performer, Nolan North is perhaps best known for providing the voice of Deadpool in variou games and caricatures and the voice of Nathan Drake in the Uncharted recreations. North returns to the Young Justice: Phantoms cast to once again play Superboy Conner Kent. As the brand-new season opens, Conner is still a member of the Outsiders team, though he’s largely occupied with the preparing for his nuptial to Miss Martian.

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Khary Payton is most famous for illustrating Victor “Cyborg” Stone in numerous video games and invigorated lines, despite a varied job and television and voice impersonate. He can be seen in the flesh playing King Ezekiel in The Walking Dead. Payton returns to the Young Justice: Phantoms cast to play the role of Kaldur ‘Ahm, who has come into his own as the second Aquaman and become the leader of the Justice League. While Kaldur does not appear in the first two bouts of Young Justice: Phantoms, he is sure to have a major role in the coming seasons.

Dee Bradley Baker as Desaad and Chameleon Boy: Best known as Klaus on American Dad !, Dee Bradley Baker provides the articulates for both the New God scientist Desaad and the shape-shifting Legion of Superheroes member Chameleon Boy.

Troy Baker as Tod Donner, R’ess E’dda and K’omm B’lanxx: An accomplished enunciate actor with over 380 credited roles, Troy Baker’s most prominent part may be Joel in The Last of Us. Troy Baker affiliates the Young Justice: Phantoms cast as the expressions of anchorman Tod Donner, Martian Consul-General, R’ess E’dda and a White Martian terrorist listed K’omm B’lanxx.

Ben Diskin as Ma’Alefa’ak and Cullen Row: Credited with over 300 individual acts, Ben Diskin is a versatile performer who tones both Skeletor in the new He-Man and the Lord of the Universeand Gonzo in Muppet Babies. He returns to the Young Justice: Phantoms cast as the White Martian terrorist manager Ma’Alefa’ak and also provides the voice for Harper Row’s younger brother, Cullen.

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Zehra Fazal as Violet Harper/ Halo, J’arila J’axx, ‘Syraa ‘Smitt and Harper Row: Zehra Fazal returns to the Young Justice: Phantoms cast as Violet “Halo” Harper, who was the breakout character of Young Justice: Outsider. She also gives her articulation to anxious boy Harper Row, J’arila J’axx, the Queen regent of Mars, and a Martian priestess appointed ‘Syraa ‘Smitt, who is recruited to preside M’gann and Conner’s wedding.

Phil LaMarr as J’emm J’axx: With virtually 500 individual creation approvals on IMDB.com, it cannot be denied that Phil LaMarr is a prolific voice actor. Indeed, it’s simply a insignificant exaggeration to say that it is faster to directory the dimensions he hasn’t been associated with in some model or mode. LaMarr previously provisioned the singers for Aquaman, Dubbilex, Green Beetle, L-Ron and Metron in earlier seasons of Young Justice and returns to join the Young Justice: Phantoms cast to play the Martian monarch J’emm J’axx. Such versatility is why Phil LaMarr is one of the best voice actors ever.

Carl Lumbly as M’aatt M’orzz: Most recently seen as Isaiah Bradley in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Carl Lumbly has had a long and distinguished career on stagecoach and screen. Nonetheless, he is worshipped among superhero devotees as the first actor to expres the Martian Manhunter in the Justice League enlivened series. Lumbly gives his dignified spokesperson to the Young Justice: Phantoms cast, toy the members of Miss Martian’s leader, M’aatt M’orzz.

Vanessa Marshall as Dinah Lance/ Black Canary: Another accomplished articulate performer, Vanessa Marshall has almost made a living out of playing superheroes. Over the past decade, Marshall has uttered Black Widow, Gamora, Hela, Crystal, Rene Montoya, Poison Ivy, Mary Jane Watson and Wonder Woman in various invigorated streaks and video games. Despite this, she is still most associated with Black Canary, whom she enunciated in earlier seasons of Young Justice and the Injustice series of DC video games.

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Kevin Michael Richardson as J’onn J’onzz/ Martian Manhunter: Most recently discovered in Invincibleas both sets of Mauler Twins and Monster Girl’s alter ego, Kevin Michael Richardson has hundreds of voice action ascribes to his refer. Richardson returns to the Young Justice: Phantoms cast as the Martian Manhunter, J’onn J’onzz.

Zeno Robinson as Victor Stone/ Cyborg and John Henry Irons/ Steel: Zeno Robinson joined the direct of Young Justice: Stranger as Victor “Cyborg” Stone and scientist John Henry Irons, who took part in the Justice League as the armored protagonist Steel. He is recreating both roles for the purposes of the Young Justice: Phantoms cast. Robinson also provides the voice of Goh in the American dub of Pokemon.

Tara Strong as Bethany Lee Carr and Tara Markov/ Terra: Another acclaimed articulate performer, most recently heard as Miss Minutes in Loki, Tara Strong has also expressed Harley Quinn and Raven in countless caricatures and video games. Strong has joined the Young Justice: Phantoms cast as both Bethany Lee Carr, the police chief of Happy Harbor, Rhode Island, and Tara “Terra” Makov, the earth-bending heroine who almost disclosed the Outsiders one year ago.

Kari Wahlgren as J’ann M’orzz, Phantom Girl and Saturn Girl: Kari Wahlgren is another voice actor who seems to have been a part of nearly every superhero franchise imaginable, having previously frisked Starfire in the DCAU, Wonder Woman in a LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes movie, Zatanna in DC Super Hero Girls and Wasp in Avengers Assemble. Wahlgren assembles the Young Justice: Phantoms cast as Miss Martian’s father, J’ann M’orzz, and two members of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Saturn Girl and Phantom Girl.

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Hynden Walch as Em’ree J’onnz and Queen Perdita Vladek: Hynden Walch is best known as the enunciate of Starfire in Teen Titan. She meets the Young Justice: Phantoms cast as Miss Martian’s sister, Em’ree J’onnz, who is the Chief Scientist-Bureaucrat of the Martian Science Center, and also plays Queen Perdita Vladek of Vlatava.

Greg Weisman as Lucas “Snapper” Carr: The showrunner of Young Justice: Phantoms, Greg Weisman also provides the voice for Happy Harbor High School dean Lucas “Snapper” Carr.

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