Wrapping up this year’s Nintendo Direct was Xenoblade Chronicles 3. While the original Xenoblade Chronicles was remastered in 2020 asXenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Volume, this is the first new main entryway the serial has come since 2017.

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With supporters of the serial ready to dive into the story, Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s September 2022 handout appointment can’t come fast enough. The trailer use cutscenes gameplay, and repeats to introduce characters, places, and gameplay. But what was specifically revealed about the upcoming release?

Comprised of the warfare nations of Agnus and Keves, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is set in the world of Aionios. Still, the trailer obliges reference to the “land impaled by a great sword, ” which appeared to refers to Bionis from the first Xenoblade Chronicles.

Additionally, the Mechonis sword is drawn at the end, along with the body of the Urayan Titan from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Like the previous games, gameplay footage has indicated that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will feature open-world exploration of Aionios.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 follows two protagonists and their companions. Acclaiming from Keves and swinging a sword same to that of the other boosters of the line, Noah is the first character realise or hear in the trailer.

He’s joined by his friends Lanz and Eunie, a soldier with a shield-like sword and a healer wielding a compounding staff and rifle. Early in the trailer, he and coprotagonist Mio are find fighting against each other, but later backgrounds show them fighting on the same side.

Sporting feline characteristics reminiscent of the Gormotti from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, glowing chakrams, and agile dodgings, Mio is the protagonist from Agnus. She’s partnered with small but strong Sena and her large-scale hammer, and tactician Taion and his origami-like fowls that he controls in battle.

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The three can be seen and discovered suggesting with the Keves crew, but the trailer quickly shows them beginning to understand each other as their interests align and they come together.

Fans were quick to notice that the two anatomies near the end of the trailer look and sound like Nia and Melia from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles, respectively. Both former playable courages, their brief looks have more villainous undertones.

Nintendo has had success with returning reputations before, so it’s far from out of the question. While it’s unclear for the moment if it’s certainly the characters or some sort of fake out, fans are roused nonetheless to see how the two factor into the storyline.

Unlike the prior two tournaments, there are no Nopons in the main cast of characters. The tiny, furry race isn’t absent from the trailer nonetheless, with two of them making a brief appearance; one boasting an afro and teal fleece, the other pink hair and orange wool( Riku and Manana, according to the official Xenoblade Twitter account ).

There’s no telling if a Nopon will make it onto the cast of playable attributes, but with Riku and Manana’s appearance, it’s clear Nopons are at least present as NPCs in the world and story.

One of the first things spectators hear and are presented in the trailer is Noah playing an ornate flute. Throughout the rest of the clip, flutes are prominently featured, including various scenes of Noah and Mio playing together.

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The UK Nintendo page for video games describes both protagonists as “off-seers” who sorrow soldiers lost in battle. With the two of them being the only playable prove with the instruments, it’s likely that the flutes are somehow connected to them being off-seers, perhaps serving as a conduit or outlet for their mourning.

The trailer pictures many instances of gameplay, including humen in the world countries, combat, and trip. During the imaged travel, the player can be seen controlling a boat over ocean, interposing vehicles to the gameplay for the first time.

Aside from being a quality of life improvement, as boat walk is sure to be faster than swimming, there’s likewise prospect of them be utilized in combat. Large aquatic enemies can be seen swimming in the same portion of the trailer, indicating that they can be encountered while in private vehicles. It would make a lot of impression if these brand-new transportation devices did more than precisely carry the player around, and it would be a fun game mechanic to introduce as well.

Mentioned in lines by Eunie and Mio, one of “the worlds biggest” mysteries of the game is what the clocks they can be attributed to are. Eunie questions the top of “filling up” the “clocks in our eyes, ” while Mio calls for the eradication of the “Flame Clock.”

While neither of these mentions make much needed knowledge, they still make it clear that the clocks will be an important factor, perhaps relating to the games stated theme of “life.” It’s not hard to notice the thematic connection between life and time, but it is so far unclear what particular role clocks might play in the actual game’s narrative or gameplay.

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