Lorraine Cink the negotiations with friend Earth’s Mightiest Show host, Langston Belton, about her brand-new diary, “MARVEL Powers of a Girl” and some of her favorite storeys about strong Marvel brides, as well as the book’s shocking artwork by illustrator Alice X. Zhang!

Then, Marvel Senior Editor Jordan D. White explains the “X” things you need to know about the brand-new Age of X-Man limited streak, beginning with the Age of X-Man: The Marvelous X-Man# 1, available now!

Plus, NXT Superstars Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae affiliate Langston Belton to talk about how much they adoration Marvel- from comics to collectibles and beyond! Then, they play a game of “What’s That Sound” where they try and suspect the onomatopoeic chimes that different objectives prepare in Marvel comic panels.

Inspect for Lorraine’s diary “MARVEL Powers of a Girl” wherever you get your diaries! And be sure to check out the amazing Alice X. Zhang’s work @ alicexz on social media. https :// books.disney.com/ volume/ powers-of-a-girl/

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