I think it’s exhibition saying only that the lawyers for wrestling’s WWE have found themselves frisking the end in the past. Perhaps it’s the result of the company being run by known crazy person Vince McMahon, who has experienced his direction to our site by being an IP protectionist among other things. WWE’s solicitors have tried some somewhat nefarious methods for going after those they conclude contravened WWE’s intellectual property rights. For instance, they tried to get the mailing address of the motorist of a streaming site by falseloffering a gift bag.

But the legal squad never tried to simply and incorrectly clear DMCA claims on the videos of other battling runnings … up to now. Bar Wrestling, which is described as an independent wrestling publicity, routinely films its competitors and happens, and articulates them online free of charge, including on Twitter. For some reason, a solicitor for the WWE issued a takedown on one tweet with Twitter, which complied and removed the contents.

WWE had a tweet drew& our flutter was temporarily fastened for posting a link to Jake Atlas vs. Brian Cage with footage we own& exploiting a photo that we commissioned& own.

Watch the join for FREE at https :// t.co/ 7w8qWbpIha

Stream all 55 of our episodes at https :// t.co/ 7WwBpywrS7 pic.twitter.com/ kPMWiP1 0VP

— Bar Wrestling (@ BarWrestling) June 10, 2020

That “illegal link” goes to video content owned by Bar Wrestling. Period. Full stop. I can’t be sure, but my guess is that the lawyers for WWE police WWE hashtags, so when they witnessed the hashtag denoting one of the wrestlers in the tweet, and participated the decreased connection, they assumed it was illicit content to an illicit area. Which eventually means that WWE lawyers go about laying claim to content on the internet without doing even the barest amount of checking into that content, as simply sounding the link ought to have been made it clear that this was Bar Wrestling material.

So, WWE called someone else’s content theirs, Twitter immediately takes it down, and then it’s left for the victim to go clean up everyone else’s mess? Need we a better lesson of the reasons why takedowns at the speed of light are absolutely stupid?

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