Director Patty Jenkins confirms that Pedro Pascal is playing Maxwell Lord in Wonder Woman 1984. Set in the 1980 s, Diana Prince’s( Gal Gadot) second standalone undertaking knows where to find the Themysciran princess during the Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union where she’ll fight off a brand new threat in Kristen Wiig’s Barbara Ann Minerva aka Cheetah. Plot details for the movie, which was supposed to come out next month before it was pushed back to summer 2020, ought to have tightly kept under wraps aside from the various throwing report including Chris Pine’s return as Steve Trevor which Screen Rant first reported in 2017.

While previously confirmed to join Wonder Woman 1984, Pascal’s role in the film was held off. Jenkins did share fans’ first look at the actor in persona, but remained tightlipped about the character he’s playing. Rumors, meanwhile, started swirling about his secret part as Lord – a strong tycoon in the comics. And now, as the love near the release of the film’s first trailer, the director herself announces that Pascal is indeed playing the DC villain.

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Taking it to her official Twitter account, Jenkins affixed an image of Maxwell Lord from the comics with the caption: “Well hello … Max.” The filmmaker didn’t need to elaborate on her social media berth as supporters immediately caught on with her insidiou proclamation. Of track it cured that out of all the instances of the criminal out there, Jenkins picked something that resembles Pascal in his first in-character image for the movie. Check out the tweet below 😛 TAGEND

It’s worth noting that in the comics, Diana kills Lord by snapping his cervix – something that her followers pointed out in specific comments division of the director’s upload. Due to this, people can’t help but harken back on Pascal’s daytimes as Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones where he had arguably one of the most gruesome deaths in the succession as his skull was crushed by the Mountain’s bare hands.

Now that it’s confirmed that Pascal is playing Lord, conferences about a previous rumor linking the character to Trevor’s resurrection are starting gain traction again. Harmonizing to the claim, the DC villain is looking for magical artifacts that are able to hopefully cure him become a potent idol. He teams up with Minerva, but their partnership moves awry after she’s cursed and transformed into Cheetah. This decisions in Lord searching Diana’s help, predicting he’ll find a way to bring Trevor back to life. Whether or not this whole plot comes to fruition in the film remains to be seen, but for now , good-for-nothing out the realm of possibility especially with how little are all aware of Wonder Woman 1984.

With the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer tip-off to debut in December, fans can expect more details, alongside marketing materials to come out as Warner Bros. slowly starts its marketing campaign. Assuming that Lord’s rumored link to Diana is true, it seems like the sequel will be testing Diana’s morals – something that both Jenkins and Gadot have been vocal about wanting to explore. With the possibility of Trevor coming back dangling in front of her, it’s curious to see how her reaction will be.

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