Introducing the markets of London and the managerial girls that operate within them; trading, tattling, flattering and most importantly earning. These are the Women of the Market. Directed by Tavie Tiffany Agama.

If London is a melting pot, the markets of our prestigious metropolitan are where you find the ingredients. Home to numerous cultures; a junket to a London market, is a trip around the world. East Street, Ridley Road and Edmonton Green market house several exciting girls that originate charismatic trading seek easy. You can distinguish them by looking for the glint in their attentions, as they stand outside their apparel stall, their food stand or their hole-in-the-wall hairdresser. They’re at home among the plethora of scents, lingos, produce and cultural activities. There’s a occult that lies in the markets of London, cause the Women of the Market show you why…

Produced for the purposes of the Netflix Documentary Talent Fund.

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Women Of The Market: London’s Busiest Businesses | Netflix

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