With schools and parts closing their entrances due to the Covid-1 9 omicron variance, the entertainment industry is also regrouping.

The 64 th Annual Grammy Awards, music’s top honors, is likely to be adjourned indefinitely because of Covid-1 9, the Recording Academy and CBS said Wednesday. Last year’s show was also delayed.

“Holding the testify on January 31 st simply contains too many risks, ” the Recording Academy and broadcaster CBS said in a statement.

Separately, the organizers of the Sundance Film Festival said they’ll croak solely virtual later this month. The Sundance Institute had been pulping ahead with its firstly hybrid festival in Park City, Utah, from Jan. 20 -3 0 but changed paraphernaliums because of the most recent flood in cases.

“The omicron variant with its unexpectedly high-pitched transmissibility proportions, is propagandizing the limits of health safety, expedition and other infrastructures in different regions of the country, ” the canadian institutes said.

While the brand-new strain of Covid-1 9 is obstructing public phenomena, it isn’t expected to slow film and TV production, Jason Kilar, the head of AT& T Inc.’s WarnerMedia, said Wednesday. Much of the industry shut down in 2020.

“We do believe we will be able to produce at the excerpt we have been producing in 2021, ” Kilar said in an interview. “This won’t be a situation like we recognized in 2020. ”

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