Director of The Batman, Matt Reeves, recently discovered he pass away guiding Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film. Speaking with Esquire Middle East, The Batman director explained why he wasn’t into the overall suggestion laid down by for Affleck’s Dark Knight. That dialogue Matt Reeves referred to in this interrogation was actually pencilled by Affleck himself, along with co-writer Geoff Johns. The most important reason behind Matt Reeves turning down that special dialogue was because he wanted to tell the story of Batman in a more personal lane, and have overall control on the direction of the narrative. Fortunately he was still able to win Warner Bros. over and been progress with his very own vision of the Dark Knight, with Robert Pattinson cast in the leading role in #TheBatman. In other DC news, James Gunn’s Peacemaker is still going strong on HBO Max in its first season, and the Suicide Squad director is already thinking of another spin-off series. And eventually, in a rather enigmatic video message posted to social media, actor in the upcoming The Flash movie, Ezra Miller, became after members of a KKK chapter in North Carolina.

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