When the live programme of Jesus Christ Superstar triumphed NBC credit ratings boon and a slew of Emmys last year, it was a good pot more rock-and-roll operas would follow. Now Fox has lined up Broadway’s Michael Greif to lead Brandon Victor Dixon, Vanessa Hudgens and Keala Settle( among others) in a live telecast of Rent on January 27 at 7pm( tape-delayed in the Pacific term region ). Jonathan Larson’s 1996 affected melodic, a stone remaking of La Boheme, moves Puccini’s aspiring masters from Paris to the Lower East Side to struggle with art, privation, AIDS and drugs. It was a superstar, triumphing numerous Tonys and the Pulitzer Prize, and shaped hotshots of Greif( who guided the original product ), its young cast( which included Idina Menzel, Taye Diggs and Daphne Rubin-Vega ), and Larson, who died tragically the day before its first preview. Sonya Tayeh, whose visceral mode has much in common with the show’s climate, is choreographing Rent Live, and we spoke with her last week.


Sonya Tayeh on Instagram: “WOW! @rentonfox”

How did you get involved in the project?

I feel like it was kismet. It was at the opening or the closing of a testify I did off-Broadway[ The Lucky Ones at Ars Nova] and Michael came. I’d never satisfied him, but of course I admired his drive so much better. And then I discover the next day that Rent Live was in the works. I announced my operator and said, “This is the stuff I believe in–paths intersecting surprisingly–and I would just love to have my name in the hat.” And a week later Michael called! He felt the same room, which was really awesome. And we congregated, and it just made sense–it merely exploded. He came to Boston, where I was doing Moulin Rouge; he came to see the picture, and we sat for our first meeting for four hours.

Did he give you memoes on Moulin Rouge?

Of course!

None What appealed to you about doing Rent?

It’s one of those shows that was ahead of its go, and incredibly thought-provoking–so conscious of the experience that Jonathan had in New York and in the world. It’s about contend and sex direction, fatality and sorrow–all of these actually sizable, sizable sensations. For my friends in theater and my artwork acquaintances, it remained with them, and it deposited with me as well. It’s an iconic piece of art that you wanna are some of. Such a gritty, honest, fresh, beautiful, personal piece of art.


RENT on FOX on Instagram: “They say that we’ve got the best casting below 14 th Street … is it true? #RENT”

How do its inadequate, fighting artists intersect with your own experience?

I was that–having big nightmares and afraid of the scale of your fantasies. And not having the means to go to that really amazing school or make that large-scale gamble. It’s shocking when you don’t have that. And also to be in a era where it is were dying–hundreds of parties were dying and no one was helping. But for me, in terms of the starving artist part of it, my dreams went large. And I wouldn’t transaction it for countries around the world, honestly. It really made me a disciplined, super-driven being. But it was so difficult. I had a super-crappy first car–a Ford Escort stick shift with merely mildew. I would rake underneath the seat to know change to pay for gas. The owners of studios that I learnt at during college would drop off soup to me at clas. But I was the most wonderful; I was the most fulfilled, because I was surrounded by people who thrived inside of their craftsmanship and did the work–a community of beings that supported me.

None And how is all that going to inform the choreography?

We’re precisely daydream up doctrines. It’s such a beautiful portion, it doesn’t have to have an immense quantity of change. The friendship behind the legend is so inside of it, and colorful. It’s exactly such matters of fixing sure we hold on to that degree. I will be in the studio just starting from the top, watching what come off. I have every desire to pay homage to iconic moments physically that I think are in the see. But we have a bigger ensemble. What does that was like, a knot of East Villagers, New York artists? What does it feel like to multiply “La Vie Boheme”? What does it feel like to multiply “Contact, ” “Santa Fe”? And I want to connect and intertwine them, make sure it all establishes sense–not just , now we have this exciting move count. Which reverberates easy, but is actually very difficult.

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