For the past year or so Ive been having this reoccurring trouble and Im so tired of it. I first recall feeling it about 2 years ago during my 7 date Christmas break in high school. Every I watched one of the Harry Potter movies and next day I would watch the next one. For that week I was altogether immersed in that world. I felt like I was part of it. I was “in” Hogwarts. Then the week objective and I had to go back to my real school. But I dont why i was extremely sad. I cried before going to sleep for a duo nights. I felt like I was leaving that world. Then I would find a Tv streak or an anime and get so emotionally invested and immersed in it that when I finish it I need various weeks if not a month at least to recover emotionally and be able to watch another show. The time it affected me the hardest by far was when I watch Avatar the Last Airbender throughout quarantine the summer months. Literally finishing it the DAY BEFORE I restarted academy last month. Its been a month I still feel happy thinking back on it. Missing the world and most of all those references. Its always been the characters I get the most attributed to. When I finish the picture I feel like im loosing those friends. This happens virtually every time I finish a register. Granted sometimes its less bad then others but I’m so tired of it. I know its sorry but if anyone has advice I would appreciate it.

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