selfie of an Asian man (l) his hand moving a fancy ornate china plate (m) closeup of the plate (r)

An Asian TikToker claimed in a viral TikTok video that he was profiled at Cracker Barrel because personnel dished his nutrient on a “fine China plate.”

The video testifies @therealricemoney eating at Cracker Barrel. Although he and his girlfriend the same meal, his meal came on an apparent Chinese ceramic plateful, while his girlfriend’s meal came on a normal white dish, he said in the comments section of the clip.

Captioned “cracker barrel please explain to me , no one else got this plate bro, ” @ therealricemoney’s TikTok get over 344,700 opinions since being posted on Dec. 18.

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The text overlay notes: “Cracker barrel why did you guys bring the only Asian guy in the restaurants sector a penalize China plate. I’m not even Chinese.”

Cracker Barrel is a Southern Country-themed diner chain that too sells maudlin dinnerware. Some of the plates it sells and uses feature country roosters and stoneware decorations.

While the plating different may have been intentional, menu is generally plated by cooks in the kitchen before being brought out by servers. This means that the cooks may not be aware of who the meat vanishes out to, simply the succession list.

@therealricemoney’s humorous vibe in the video intimates at the video being a potentially lighthearted dig at Cracker Barrel. However, there was a rift in the comments section.

Some commenters pointed out that it is standard at Cracker Barrel to serve on different illustrations. “So I work there and some menu pieces come in different plates. I promise it’s corporate programme not intolerance, ” @maddy_fitzg said.

“Some components are served on those blue porcelain sheets, like the pot pie which is what it looks like he got, ” @thefurriesttrash claimed.

Others premised the video was a joke.

“I know it’s a joke, but this is so funny, ” one said.

The Daily Dot reached out to @ therealricemoney via TikTok comment and Cracker Barrel via email.

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