Warning: Major spoilers for 2021 ‘s Candyman.

At the end of Candyman( 2021 ), who does Anthony McCoy turn into? Played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II of Aquaman and HBO’s Watchmen fame, Anthony is the leading star of the semi-sequel, semi-reboot to Bernard Rose’s 1992 cinema of the same name. As a continuation of the slasher floor that began approximately three decades ago, 2021 ‘s Candyman resumes in real time to present period, with Anthony returning to the Cabrini-Green assignments, the deep-seated of the first movie. Both a return and a new beginning of sorts, Candyman looks an older Tony Todd reprising his capacity as the titular Candyman( aka Daniel Robitaille) and overstepping on the ignite( or, rather, secure) to Abdul-Mateen’s Anthony by the end of the film.

As in the original movie, the rules for summoning Candyman are the same in the 2021 sequel-reboot: anyone who says “Candyman” five times while facing a reflect will bring the hook-handed killer to living and die by his hook-hand. After visiting Cabrini-Green and becoming inspired by the urban legend of Candyman by Cebrini-Green resident William Burke, Anthony frames an art exhibit on the basis of the rumored specter, resurrecting the figure in public consciousness and, therefore, unwittingly supporting his friends and devotees to perform the summoning ritual. While the reanimated flavour of Candyman is making a mess of Cabrini-Green and the border Chicago city, Anthony is undergoing alarmingly rapid physical worsening is generated by a bee sting.

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Incapacitated by the sting, Anthony resolves up in the entrusts of Burke and learns of the man’s genuine purposes: Burke replaces Anthony’s hand with a fix and seeks to make a martyr of Anthony by having him shot down by the police. The propose operates, resulting in the death of Anthony who shortly after returns from the dead as Candyman, albeit transformed to appear as Daniel Robitaille, the original Candyman. With this tactic, the 2021 Candyman comes full circle back to the 1992 Candyman, ending at the beginning while simultaneously moving the franchise forward.

Essentially, as the ancestry legend of the brand-new Candyman, the 2021 Candyman sequel-reboot furthers the idea that there are multiple Candymen, each one possessed by the spirit of Robitaille. In the first film, Robitaille is described as an African-American man who was savagely slaughtered in the 19 th century for entertaining an interracial love affair. In the 2021 Candyman, the movie’s backstory acquaints a brand-new Candyman figure by the name of Sherman Fields, a black human forged and killed by patrolmen. By becoming Anthony the new Candyman, Burke hopes to redeem the Candyman name, recreating him as a token of revenge rather than pain.

With multiple iterations of the fiction of Candyman now fixed, the relevant figures of Candyman has come to represent a singular superhuman hivemind — one that likely hopes further Candyman sequels and spinoffs. Though one worker, Daniel Robitaille, originated the haunting legend, this collective “beehive” of shared tragedy assembles a uniquely American mythology of tolerate and reprisal that’s likely to continue beyond Anthony’s version of the story.

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