It’s a comic book transformation every baby has dreamed of undergoing at one point. Struck by a abrupt blast of fury, the gamma rays in frail Dr. Bruce Banner irradiated organization provoke his astonishing transformation into The Incredible Hulk. His bones increase. His skin turns light-green( or grey-headed ). His shirt rips. And his muscles flourish so gigantic that he makes most Mr. Universe contenders gape underfed.

Of course, formerly readers get a chance to learn how frightening the transformation feels for Bruce( having millions of new cadres unexpectedly develop from your torso in just a few seconds can’t be a enjoyable experience ), they might think twice about switching homes with him. Still, this does beg the question- where exactly does all that superhuman muscle mass come from?

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Regular body developers need to obey a strict practise regimen and consume a special diet that both oils their workouts and provides the raw material to build up their muscles over season. Obviously, Banner doesn’t have time to bulk up in this manner, so where does the raw material for his Hulk Outs is just coming up?

According to Hulk’s entry in The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe# 5, the gamma rays contributed “from some unknown root, over 800 pounds of bone marrow and material to his body.” What this “unknown source” is remained unexplained( although many love took it to be some extra-dimensional source that could render the raw material for the changeovers of other superstars like Giant Man ). Amusingly, this dimension might have a lot in common with the “Hammerspace” dimension used by Looney Toons characters( who use it to produce giant mallets and anvils from apparently nowhere ), expressing Hulk’s muscles might share space with some very unusual items.

In X-Men/ Fantastic Four# 1, Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four offered another belief for where Hulk- and all Marvel superhumen- could get the vast vitalities is necessary for their superpowers. Called, the “Godpower” Theory, the idea, originally proposed by Dr. Rachna Koul, theorized that superhero powers is just coming up one or more intradimensional sources of energy collectively announced “Godpower” sources.

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However, Hulk novelist Jeff Parker offered his own excuse in a tweet, territory, “during transformation he draws in ambient gamma force and converts it to mass.” This actually fits in with current Hulk tales that establish the Green Goliath is capable of manipulating gamma energy( i.e. assimilating and ostracizing it ), entailing he could be using some sort of superhuman energy-matter conversion technique.

Of course, the translation doesn’t simply build a suit of muscles around Banner’s skinny frame. Unlike most heroes, Banner has to literally develop a brand-new body from the inside out each time he alters. Columnist have equated this rapid cell division as having a form of cancer( which spawns gumption in recognition of the fact that Banner got his condition after being exposed to a massive quantity of radioactivity ). Unlike cancer patients that develop tumors made of malignant cancer cells, however, Hulk’s “tumors” are his overly healthy stupendou muscles– built from fresh power but grown just like regular muscles, albeit at an insanely rapid rate.

Even after Hulk’s transformation technically “ends, ” the cadres can still continue forming rapidly if he takes on shattering. Wolverine discovered this while battling the Grey Hulk and literally attended the weaves he’d foisted on the Hulk close up at a charge equivalent( and possibly superior) to his own healing ingredient. Realizing that the Hulk’s mutation was essentially a beneficial figure of cancer, Wolverine felt a prolonged fight would be fruitless.

Of course, while ripening Hulk muscles is no fun, losing them is arguably worse. Again, the handbooks indicate that when Hulk turns back into Banner, his muscles return to the unknown source that they came from( represent they are unable to revert to energy and go back to the other dimension or time expel themselves from Bruce’s body into the ambient gamma field ). What’s truly disturbing is that, if becoming the Hulk makes developing a new, healthful Hulk body, becoming Banner must entail killing off all of those extra cadres or allowing them to atrophy.

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Strangely, the Hulk actually examines peace where reference is modifies back and Banner is usually asleep. This actually makes a lot of sense since- if the process is as agonizing as it resonates- it would simply trigger more stress in the Hulk, which would procreate him turn back into the Hulk and never tell Banner revert. Since Banner does come back sporadically, this must mean his organization induces a big sum of gamma-powered anaesthetics that maintains his pulse rate low-grade and doesn’t trigger another transformation.

Interestingly, while the “ambient gamma radiation” or “unknown source” appears to provide most of the oil for Hulk’s transformations, even they can’t equip enough vigour for Bruce Banner. Some chronicles state that Bruce is incredible hungry after every one of his changeovers and needs to consume plenty of protein and liquors as his figure readjusts to its normal state. In Ang Lee’s Hulk movie, Banner is shown rapidly eating a layer full of eggs after his second Hulk-Out to show this downside of his superpower.

Sadly, all of this reveals that Hulk truly does have the worst luck of all the Marvel superheroes. Captain American and Spider-Man may have gone through some changing agonies to acquire their radiation-based muscles, but at least Steve Rogers and Peter Parker got to keep their superhuman physiques after going through the excruciating process just once. Banner, on the other hand, needs to constantly build up his torso for every Hulk adventure- and then go through the difficulty of losing it and retrieving it again.

Even worse, Banner must have a Captain America-size appetite and similar calorie intake requirement– more while Steve Rogers had the military and the Avengers to provide his banquets, Banner is generally flat broke when he reverts to his human form and has to resort to hunting, scavenging, or imploring to get the money he needs for food. It’s a rough life- discovering that maybe having the power to “Hulk-Out” really isn’t such a great thing after all.

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