A Subway worker making a sandwich.

A Subway customer’s TikTok calling out a worker for wearing bangles while inducing food has triggered debate among viewers.

User @ sandielew shared the video, which proved several employees of the dealership lined up and groups together sandwiches. But the excerpt focused on one craftsman in particular, “whos had” countless bangles dangling from her wrist in a manner that clearly didn’t sit well with the TikToker.

“Her bracelet was scratching all over the bread and dipping in the receptacles as she reached ingredients, ” she wrote over the video.

The 8 seconds shown don’t have the worker contacting for any ingredients, but her bangles do appear to have been grazing up against the bread as she makes the sandwiches.

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Across the internet, there’s an ongoing debate about what stage of service it’s OK to expect at a fast-food restaurant. The worker’s jewelry brush the food repeatedly didn’t go over well with witness, either.

“That is a health code violation! ” user @laceyk54 wrote. “Not supposed to wear jewelry when working with food.”

The Food and Drug Administration prohibits workers from wearing any hand or limb jewelry except in cases of a nuptial band while preparing food.

“Yeah that’s emphatically against standards, ” @cherieannrojek567 agreed.

“All I can think about is her using the restroom, ” @eibolmd wrote.

But others expressed resentment with @sandielew’s decision to shame the worker online, adding to growing unease about the management of low-paid workers.

“Then say something to her, talk to her administrator, ” suggested @matt. yesc. “What’s with the was also necessary publicly dishonor her online? Slews of better ways to handle this.”

The TikToker replied to several protesters, saying that she did point out the issue to the employee but that she didn’t take the bangles off, precisely tried to avoid having them be touched. And while she didn’t eat her sandwich, she says her husband still experienced his–and they paid off both all the same.

The Daily Dot contacted out to @ sandielew via TikTok comment.

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