A library in a tree, a Game of Thrones world-wide scavenger hunt, start your own KFC sandwich and much more, was developed by Anne-Marie Siudzinski, Senior Library Information Specialist.

What can you do with a tree stump besides cut it down? Make a library, of course!

A high school production of Alien is going huge discuss.

Will car ownership die out? This novelist thinks so.

aaltonen/ flickr/ 2005

Setting your thermostat to join the African environment.

Cats are irresistibly drawn to keyboards. Buy them a decoy keyboard to play with.

The hotel that spurred the Sandcrawler in Star Wars may be dismantled soon.

Find one of the Game of Thrones iron thrones obscured throughout the world in this epic scavenger hunting.

KFC is opening up its kitchens in the U.K. and Ireland for customers to make their own chicken sandwiches. The confidential recipe will still remain secret.

No more April Fool’s Day pranks at Microsoft.

What kind of phone does Warren Buffett use? A $20.00 throw telephone!

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