While on Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian has been open with her love about her psoriasis diagnosis.

Kim is known for being the pillar of purity and beautiful to her supporters, so when she detected these spots on her skin Kim immediately thought her career was over. Growing up Kim knew her mother, Kris Jenner, has suffered from psoriasis flare-ups, but never really “ve thought about” how she would deal with it if she ever had it. Now that Kim has been dealing with this condition for over 15 years, she has learned to cope and give this skin disorder.

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According to Healthline, psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that causes the rapid buildup of scalp cadres, which produces a scaling on the skin’s surface. The scaling that is produced typically become inflamed and red, but this is very common of the skin disorder. Typically psoriasis is the beginning with a whitish-silver look and will eventually develop in thick with red spots that they are able to sometimes crack and bleed. Scales from psoriasis are usually is available on seams, such shoulders and knees, but they can develop anywhere on the body, including pass, feet, cervix, scalp and face. Some manifestations of the skin disorder include inflamed patches of surface, soreness around the patches, as well as unpleasant and swollen-headed seam. Although not everyone with psoriasis has these exact evidences, in fact people tend to go through “cycles” of indications where sometimes the condition can cause severe symptoms and other days it starts unnoticed. Psoriasis may not be contagious, but people who have an immediate own family members with the gene have a higher risk of developing the skin condition. It seems Kim may have inherited this uncomfortable skin disorder from her father, Kris.

A couple of years ago, Kim wrote an essay for Poosh, where she spoke about her wander with psoriasis. She got her first flare-up at the age of 25 when she caught the common cold, which triggered her body to start developing psoriasis patches. At the time, Kim was neighbors with a dermatologist who was able to give her a shot of cortisone once she called its term of office. Her psoriasis completely went away for about 5 year until her early thirties when she had another flare-up. This was when her firstly psoriasis journey genuinely began. Kim knows her psoriasis can be unreliable, but can always count on a flare up to happen on her freedom lower leg. This recognize she has learned to live with and does not even bother to throw remedy on or even makeup to cover it up. While she was pregnant with North and Saint, her psoriasis completely went away until she established birth. After that, her whole figure was covered with her face and legs the target areas. One night she even woke up with such sore handwritings she couldn’t even pick up her cell phone. She decided it was time to see a doctor and went her blood measured to see what was going on. Her result can back positive for psoriatic arthritis. It is a type of arthritis that stanch from psoriasis that comes and departs so sometimes Kim doesn’t even feel the suffering she formerly felt. Since going her psoriatic arthritis diagnosis, Kim has changed her eating habits to a plant-based diet and sucks sea moss smoothies to keep herself healthy aimed at combating her psoriasis as much as she can.

Other then that Kim has learned to live with this autoimmune disease and not let it take over her life. Sometimes she presents it off and other seasons she covers it up with person makeup; Kim has learned to not cause the stress of psoriasis take over her life.

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