WARNING: Such articles contains major spoilers for Loki episode 6.

In Loki, the God of Mischief is offered the opportunity to win in The Avengers, which would forever convert the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Loki( Tom Hiddleston) and Lady Loki( Sophia Di Martino) arrive at the occult Citadel at the Mission of Time in the Loki finale. Before they meet He Who Remains( Jonathan Majors ), a Kang the Conqueror variant that controls the Time Variance Authority, Miss Minutes( Tara Strong) tries to stop the Loki variants. She offers Loki the chance to defeat the “self-righteous” Avengers in the Battle of New York. Of track, the God of Mischief doesn’t accept the deal, but there would be lasting outcomes if he did.

The Battle of New York is a defining contest in the MCU. In 2012 ‘s Avengers, Loki attempts to lead the Chitauri aliens in an invasion of Earth. And he has the support of Thanos( Josh Brolin ), who pays him a scepter containing the Mind Stone. It’s in the Battle of New York that the Avengers ultimately taken together. Though the heroes get off to a rough start, Loki is a villain that they can rally around. New York suffers innumerable extinctions and major devastation, but it would’ve been even more devastating if the Avengers hadn’t pulled together. In the end, Loki and the Chitauri aliens are defeated, and the God of Mischief’s quest for a throne is once again denied.

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If Loki had taken Miss Minutes’ deal, it would’ve drastically changed the MCU. Without the earn against Loki, the Avengers might’ve never gelled as working group. Additionally, the Battle of New York started a chain of events that continue to affect the MCU even to this day. Loki’s victory would give the God of Mischief in charge of Earth, leading to pain, suffering, and Loki’s continued conquest of the Nine Realms. Thanos’ schemes in Avengers: Infinity War may also came to see you enjoyment sooner than planned.

Throughout Avengers, Nick Fury( Samuel L. Jackson) disagrees with the World Security Council for a response team to answer menaces made to Earth. Though the Avengers Initiative, a project that accompanied the protagonists together, was briefly scrapped by the World Security Council, Nick Fury raises it back to fight against Loki and the Chitauri aliens. The Avengers’ victory in the Battle of New York saves millions of lives, as the World Security Council would’ve bombed Manhattan without superhero involvement. Loki’s attack stimulates lasting damage, but the Avengers’ victory in New York makes a statement: The heroes are dangerous, and they’re now to stay. “They surely are, and the whole world knows it. Every world knows it, ” Fury says.

If the Avengers had lost in New York, Earth loses its response team. The World Security Council was already against Fury’s superhero project, and a outage in New York would prove their item. Unless Fury started a new squad of protagonists underground, there might not be an Avengers. Additionally, even if he wanted to form a unit, Fury might not have countless options left. The World Security Council wanted to send a nuclear strike to Manhattan, which would destroy the city and leave millions dead. The Avengers may be among the casualties.

Loki’s defeat conversions Thanos’ contrives. In a credits situation in Avengers, Thanos’ servant, the Other, tells him that humans are “unruly, and therefore cannot be ruled.” Following Loki’s defeat, Thanos doesn’t arrive on Earth to claim his missing Infinity Stones until 2018 ‘s Infinity War. Though the Mad Titan is always in the background of the MCU, secretly gathering strings, Loki’s defeat drastically delays his quest.

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If Loki won the Battle of New York, there wouldn’t be much defiance to Thanos arriving on the planet. Because of that, the Mad Titan would likely carry out his plan to destroy half of all life much sooner. Miss Minutes predicts Loki the chance to kill the Mad Titan, so he may ultimately be stopped anyway. However, by all indications, many of the events that preceded the Mad Titan’s reaching on Earth would be mopped apart. Without the Avengers, Thanos’ MCU timeline is greatly accelerated.

In the Loki premiere, Hiddleston’s character explains how Earth would be under his convention. Mobius( Owen Wilson) questions Loki about his plans to take over Earth and other worlds in the escapade, and the God of Mischief says he “would’ve uttered it easy for them.” Harmonizing to Loki, “The firstly and most unjust lie ever breathed was the song of freedom.” The God of Mischief explains that hand-pickeds bring pity and bitternes, so he would take that loading away from his subjects. Thor: Ragnarok also establishes a view of what man under Loki would be like. In the movie, Loki briefly regulates Asgard in place of Odin( Anthony Hopkins ), structure bronzes to himself and putting on toys about his life starring Matt Damon.

However, one Avengers line may indicate that things wouldn’t lead so smoothly. In Avengers, there’s a moment where the Chitauri are laying waste to New York, and Thor( Chris Hemsworth) tells Loki, “You think this madness will end with your principle? ” The look on Loki’s face pictures he’s shaken. If he had won the Battle of New York, the Chitauri would spread destruction everywhere they proceed. Though Loki thinks his guideline “would’ve obligated it easy” for his subjects, the Avengers line proves that’s completely wrong.

Loki shows the God of Mischief’s ambition wouldn’t stop at Earth. When Mobius questions what Loki would do after taking over the planet, Hiddleston’s character says he would increase his territory to Asgard and the Nine Realms. In Thor, Loki is able to conceal Frost Giants from Heimdall( Idris Elba) when they recruit Asgard, so he clearly knows confidential styles around the place. Because of this, he could potentially successfully drawing another Chitauri invasion. While Asgard could demolish Midgard/ Earth in a fight, Miss Minutes and He Who Remains would probably guarantee Loki’s victory.

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Even with the make, Loki wouldn’t be happy. In Loki episode 5, the God of Mischief talks with Lady Loki and realizes that ruling in a timeline wouldn’t satisfy him. If he had earned in New York, he would constantly try to extend his empire. Nothing would be sufficient. Hiddleston’s character changes in Loki. He may even realize that his loss in The Avengers, an event that figures the MCU, was actually a good thing.

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Loki will return in season 2.

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