Genshin Impact is following Fortnite’s method of the cooperation with their upcoming persona release of Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. While Fortnite’s gameplay may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s hard to argue that their Marvel and Star Wars collaborations haven’t been big successes, and such efforts have done a lot to keep the game feeling fresh. It’s only natural that other business are starting to see the upside in doing crossover events.

With Genshin Impact only being on PlayStation and PC, a collaboration with one of PlayStation’s best-selling names is certainly one way to draw in outsiders. Aloy has already started her behavior into Fortnite along with other PlayStation courages. This crossover will not only promote Genshin Impact’s recent Inazuma update and all the events that are planned to come, but it will likewise help promote Horizon Forbidden West’s upcoming release on PlayStation.

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Aloy is set to be a freely secured 5-Star Cryo Bow User within the world of Genshin Impact. She will also come with a Predator Bow – a weapon Horizon supporters will no doubt recognize. This arc will give a bonus affect of 66 when equipped specifically to Aloy, though it could be a great free arc for those who already have Ganyu or Diona but shortfall a good Cryo-focused submit. Either way, PlayStation musicians are not the only ones that will receive Aloy and her fore – PC and Mobile musicians will simply need to have some additional patience.

Unlike Fortnite’s collaborations in which surfaces are just cosmetic, or only around during a limited event, Genshin Impact’s Aloy will stay indefinitely. Aloy will firstly exhaust on PlayStation as a time-limited exclusive on October 13. For those playing on PC or Mobile, Aloy will be releasing on November 24. Players will receive Aloy and her bend in the mail as long as they have reached Adventure Rank 20.

According to the Honey Impact database, rumored discloses have been secreted on how Aloy’s cleverness will differ from other Cryo Users. These proposed holes have shown that Aloy’s elemental attack will be to throw out a Freeze Bomb same to how she can utilize many bombard categories from her slingshot. When the bombards explode, they’ll split into Chillwater Bomblets that distribute Cryo damage to those who touch them. As a bonus, Aloy will receive Coils that increase her attack authority and hold ordinary strikes Cryo damage whenever a Freeze Bomb or Chillwater Bomblets affects an opponent.

Aloy’s Elemental Burst ability is speculated to have her toss out a Power Cell Cryo container and then shoot it with an arrow, creating an AoE damage effect on nearby enemies, sort of like when actors explode a Cryo sac on antagonist Robo-dinos which exhausts an AoE Cryo effect. All in all, it seems like miHoYo is keeping Aloy’s skillset faithful to what she can do in Horizon Zero Dawn if the rumors are true.

If the Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration does well for Genshin Impact, actors can hopefully visualize more to come. Some love are hoping the next collaboration phenomenon could be an Avatar: The Last Airbender crossover event – which is arguably the most compelling theory, seeing as each member of The Gaang corresponds with the elements that are such a big one of the purposes of Genshin Impact’s gameplay.

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Source: Honey Impact

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