Roommates, Mary J. Blige, though a sumptuous maid, has the appearance of a person you time don’t want to eff with.

Our boy Tyrese learned that the hard way when he tried to get handsy with the queen and we got to see Mary’s inner gangsta come out.

To give y’all the background, Mary J. Blige precisely celebrated her 50 th birthday and she did so in style. Sis look -AM-AZING, flaunting her curvy bodyody for the Gram to celebrate her large-scale day.

She even gave us a few cute captions to let us know she’s hip to the trends on social media these days.

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While she was dish organization on the Gram during the day, nighttime time was a different story, which is when her actual birthday revelries took place.

Apparently Tyrese was a guest at her star-studded birthday. At some item on the night, the two posed for a characterization but what that camera didn’t capture, another one did.

In a viral video, Mary has her weapon around Tyrese as they strike their pose. Tyrese runs for her exposed thigh, as she’s wearing a dress with a high slit, and the Monet Tejada climbed out of her real quick!

She swatted his hands apart with a entire straight face, and let’s just say it didn’t look like he was going to try that again. You can watch the viral clip below 😛 TAGEND

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We candidly wouldn’t try Mary either, she doesn’t look like the type that likes to be played with.

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