Do you like your open nature driving plays wet, neon-streaked, and positively drenched in the laid-back synthwave stifle of the 1980 s? Then “were supposed” have a word about Transmission.

Transmission is the work of UK developer Sea Green Games and has, as far as I can tell, been in development since roughly February this year. It was primarily unveiled to Twitter as “a ‘cosy’ game about driving on a motorway at night”( these votes in quickly gained the delicious temporary designation Cosy Taxi) and has since blossomed into a hyper-chilled open-world runner suffer, narrating on a “rainy summer night in 1986 “.

Sea Green describes Transmission as a merger of Euro Truck Simulator and Jalopy, which would have been enough to sell me on the whole act right there – but then I became and watched the trailer below and approximately hammered Steam’s ‘wishlist’ button clean off the internet.

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