Top 10 apartments for 2021

2020 has been a hell of a year, but we all have learnt so much from it. We now quality personal infinite more than ever, open spaces and terraces and, peculiarly, we are looking for multi purpose cavities, that allows us to work from dwelling, study, live and have dinner at home with friends. So at Spotahome we requested our team to find the perfect places for 2021 responding to all these new requirements. Take a look at our top 10 residences to rent this year and vote for your favorite!

1 0 – Sleek one bedroom suite with a lovely terrace, in Barri GoticTop 10 apartments for 2021Top 10 apartments for 2021Top 10 apartments for 2021https :// barcelona/ for-rent: apartments/ 407607

This 1 bedroom suite in the heart of Barcelona has everything we need to make 2021 our new favorite time: located in the city center and 6 mins with the metro to the beach, this beautiful apartment offers a big terrace to enjoy sunny Barcelona and spate of office to share with friends. The interior is tastefully decorated, that it will make you post every detail on Instagram.

9 – Two bedroom apartment with access to multi-use co-working space in Friedrichshain, BerlinTop 10 apartments for 2021https :// berlin/ for-rent: apartments/ 325157

Welcome to the paradise of young professionals and digital nomads. Berlin is known for it’s international community and their work opportunities. This amazing apartment is located in a vibrant territory full of coffeehouses, bars and within walking length of some of Berlin’s most beautiful lures. Urban living genuinely did just get an upgrade. You and your neighbours will share the co-working space, so it’s the best opportunity to realise new friends and start connecting with the community. Are you ready for your morning yoga castes?

8- Big and Sunny apartment in Tuscany, FlorenceTop 10 apartments for 2021https :// florence/ for-rent: apartments/ 469010 Top 10 apartments for 2021Top 10 apartments for 2021

We are in love with this classic italian house in Florence, located in Viale Fratelli Rosselli, the big windows will let the dawn in, and you’ll find plenty of cavity to work, live and cook the italian mode. If you are looking for a classy italian lifestyle, streets full of artistry, museums, diners … Welcome to Florence!

7- Living with your friends in the heart of Lisbon, Portugal. Top 10 apartments for 2021Top 10 apartments for 2021Top 10 apartments for 2021Top 10 apartments for 2021https :// lisbon/ for-rent: accommodations/ 423687

Portugal has arisen as one of the best countries to live in Europe, the quality of life and rent expenditures have outlook Lisbon as the favorite capital to live in 2021. This big house will render plenty of space and areas to start your next adventure with their own families or friends and the possibility to live in the heart of Lisbon, in a beautiful house to enjoy working and living from Portugal.

6 – Trendy 1-bedroom apartment near Museo Sorolla in MadridTop 10 apartments for 2021Top 10 apartments for 2021Top 10 apartments for 2021Top 10 apartments for 2021

There are many ways to enjoy Madrid, Spain’s capital city, but being able to live in the best street of the city, in this amazing spot, is what we call “estar bendecido”. You’ll be able to discover Sorolla’s museum, one of the most amazing Spanish painters, and loosen in your hammock after a long walk in Chamberi.

5- Gorgeous 2-bedroom apartment with terrace in Paris 2Top 10 apartments for 2021https :// paris/ for-rent: apartments/ 153933

In the 2nd arrondissement, you’ll have the best of central Paris right at your doorstep. Near the suite, you’ll find lots of theaters, shrines, museums, restaurants, coffeehouses, prohibits, and browses, including an Apple Store and a Starbucks. The suite is also just a 15 -minute walk from the iconic Louvre museum, where you can contemplate the Mona Lisa and immerse yourself in prowes. The real issue: what can’t you doing in there? You’ve got it all!

4- Vintage apartment for rent in Porto with terraceTop 10 apartments for 2021Top 10 apartments for 2021Top 10 apartments for 2021https :// porto/ for-rent: accommodations/ 466633

Porto has been a surprise in 2020, and has been chosen by some digital nomads as one of their favorite municipalities to work from dwelling. Porto is offering the advantages of a small city, cheap tariffs and best quality of life. The unit has chosen this apartment for your next escapade so you can enjoy the best of the outdoors lifestyle.

3 – Studio apartment in Vienna centerTop 10 apartments for 2021https :// vienna/ for-rent: suites/ 223234

If you are thinking out the box, and want to try a new metropoli, we can’t stop recommending Vienna. If you are tired of the hectic Berlin, and looking for a mid word stay in Austria, volume this smart studio in the city center and it will open the gates of to a brand-new road of living: coffee shop, plenty of parks, restaurants, museums …

2 – Impressive 2-bedroom suite near the Vatican Top 10 apartments for 2021https :// rome/ for-rent: accommodations/ 250213

Is Rome on your wish list? Everybody that inspected the city tells us that you’d need a month or two to discover this target. There are so many things to say that our merely recommendation is to book a charming suite for yourself, just like this and buy a duo of trainers. This apartment has everything you’ll need to make the most of it:

Top 10 apartments for 2021Top 10 apartments for 2021

Top 1 – Amazing 2 bedrooms apartment in ValenciaTop 10 apartments for 2021https :// valencia/ for-rent: apartments/ 426523

This house has it all! We attained our amount 1 region at Spotahome! This amazing apartment is located in the city center, next to the train station, excellent for your journeys to Barcelona and Madrid. It also comes with 2 terraces:

Top 10 apartments for 2021Top 10 apartments for 2021

And 2 bedrooms, so you can invite friends and family to come over. It also has an enormous kitchen with a Smeg fridge to prepare your first paellas:

Top 10 apartments for 2021

2 massive bedrooms to become the perfect host, batch of storage for your next spanish adventure. And the best is the price. Check it out !

Top 10 apartments for 2021Top 10 apartments for 2021

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