Travel through underground puzzles in search of rich, play Star Wars-themed pinball, and learn to write the letters of the alphabet with today’s collect of apps and games.

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Yum-Yum Letters: Learn& Trace ($ 3.99- Free, 221.2 MB ): Your little one can learn to write all of the letters of the alphabet with Yum Yum Letters. Children ages five and under.

Yum Yum Letters allows your child to learn from a porky caterpillar, smiling snowflake, and fluffy spider. They must retrace the character given to them, and then recite the action multiple times with even less relief. After each successful completion, they’ll be rewarded in a distinct route related to the character they chose. The app includes the ability to create variou charts, two teaching methods, and various fonts to choose from.

Yum-Yum Notes: Learn& Trace is available for free for a time limit. It has a 4.5 -star rating with a total of fifteen ratings.

Maze Lord ($ 0.99- Free, 146.1 MB ): Travel through underground labyrinths in search of fortune in Maze Lord. Casual gamers.

Maze Lord is as much a dilemma tournament as it is a vault crawler. The objective is to do from the starting point in each maze to the departure in as few moves as is practicable. Tap to move through the labyrinths and stop your character on top of items to collect them. You’ll have to consider both the track you take and the items in your inventory to successfully reaching a three-star rating in each level without succumbing to your opponents. The activity includes 100 hand-painted ranks in all.

Maze Lord is available for free for a limited time. It has a 5-star rating with a total of five ratings.

Star Wars( tm) Pinball 7 ($ 1.99- Free, 95.6 MB ): Choose your line-up and combat to rehabilitate equilibrium to the Force in this Star Wars-themed pinball game. Fans of the Star Wars universe.

You’re able to join the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance and battle with your friends for leaderboard predominance. Launch your pellet onto the counter by pulling back on and secreting your finger from the lightsaber. Tap each side of the screen to ascertain your flippers. The counter peculiarity numerous camera slants make their own choices, and quotes and music plucked right from The Empire Strikes Back. Multiple additional themed counters are available via in-app purchase.

Star Wars( tm) Pinball 7 is available for free for a limited time. It has a 4.5 -star rating with a total of 3282 ratings.

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