Wait … your upfitted #VanLife Mercedes-Benz Sprinter only has one floor ? Lame! Are you really living your best Instagram life if you can’t take photos of the desert sunset from your van’s balcony? I guess that means you don’t have an elevator in your rigging, either. Yikes. Get with the times and check out the eloquently called SAIC Maxus Life Home V9 0 Villa Edition to pump that follower count up–or simply flex on the goobers lumbering around in single-decker bus-sized RVs.

Excess is the name of the game with the China-built Maxus Life Home V9 0 Villa Edition. The relatively medium-sized Maxus expands both uphills and outwards with the help of slide-out walls and a powered pop-top extension, which provides 215 square feet of living space inside the ground floor and an extra 133 square hoofs in the rooftop sunroom. Stairs? Ha! Don’t be ridiculous. That implies you would have to exert yourself. The Villa Edition facets a directing elevator to shuttle inmates to the balcony level.

Once in the sunroom, inmates can tighten and chill out with toggle-able privacy glass and beam for all-night Instagram Live creeks. Down below, living amenities bristle with batch of accommodating faces, a transparent OLED Tv, and a reasonably well-equipped kitchenette with a full stovetop and oven–perfect for when you get a mid-Mojave craving for Beef Wellington. Once it’s time to turn-in, a shower and shower combo makes you freshen up before you descend into the sleeping arena pinpointed above the cab.

Unfortunately, as this is built and sold only in the Chinese grocery, you’ll have to take an extended vacation there to experience the Maxus for yourself. If you do have a sneaky method of get the Villa Edition into the United Commonwealth, expect to pay the equivalent of around $413,000 at current exchange rates.

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