A company by the reputation of Sixteen Power presented a crazed LS-based V16 engine for barges at the 2019 SEMA Show last month and after receiving interest from hot-rodders wanting the powertrain for superhighway apply, has transformed the V16 into something that could soon make for the most epic of engine swaps.

In order to perform the V16 is ideal for a car, the company has deleted the water-cooled headers and heat exchangers while converting the breast supplement drive for automotive use. For the most part, though, the engine remains unchanged and continues to displace 14 liters and will be available in a number of appearances, Muscle Cars and Trucks reports.

V1 6 Power: It’s Not Dead Yet; Devel Sixteen Engine Delivers 5,000 HP On Dyno

Sitting at the base of the range will be a naturally aspirated variant pumping out 900 hp, but 1,200 hp and 1,400 naturally-aspirated explanations will likewise be offered. Those looking for more supremacy will have the option of acquiring a twin-supercharged 14 -liter V1 6 with 1,600 hp or a quad-turbocharged one with a big 2,200 hp.

While a large boat has more than enough room to house such a dreadful device, fitting it into a car could prove to be a much greater challenge. In fact, it’s hard to think of any front-engined automobiles that would have room for a 14 -liter V1 6 without some serious adjustments. As Autoblog points out, one possible solution would be for hot-rodders interested in this engine to actually mount it centrally within a car.

Prices for the marine form of the engine are expected to set purchasers back $100,000, and it remains to be seen how expensive the car versions will be.

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