It was only a kiss! From Sex Education to The Umbrella Academy, these are the firstly caresses we’ve all been waiting for.

0:00 – The Most Anticipated First Kisses

0:11- Damon and Elena – The Vampire Diaries

0:39 – Amy and Jonah – Superstore

1:15 – Stiles and Lydia – Teen Wolf

1:57 – Catra and Adora – She-Ra And The Princess of Power

2:34 – Jake and Amy – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

3:19 – Klaus and Dave – The Umbrella Academy

3:54 – Fabiola and Eve – Never Have I Ever

4:30 – Jim and Pam – The Office( US)

5:17 – Otis and Maeve – Sex Education

All entitles are now streaming on Netflix UK/ IE.

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They FINALLY Kissed – The Most Anticipated First Kisses on Netflix

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