Is Vesimir Geralt’s Dad? Did Ciri’s mothers actually die? You had questions about The Witcher Season 2. This video has the answers.

0:00 – The Witcher S2 – Most Searched Questions
0:37 – Why is the Mutagen so important?
1:21 – Is Vesemir Geralt’s Dad?
2:09 – What is the Wild Hunt?
2:39- Who’s Voleth Meir?
3:10 – What’s the be addressed with the dagger?
3:32 – Is Filivandrel the baby’s father?
4:05 – What’s Geralt’s connection to the Temple of Melitele?
4:30 – Who are the Michelet brethren?
4:56 – Why is Dijkstra talking to an owl?
5:22 – What’s going to happen to Cahir and Fringilla?
5:43 – Did Ciri’s mothers actually die?
5:58 – Wait.Who was that at the end ?!

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The Witcher Season 2 – Answers To The Internet’s Most Searched Questions | Netflix

Geralt accepts his predestination as he protects Ciri from the forces battling for control of the Continent — and from the strange capability she retains.

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