Amazon’s The Wheel of Time is an epic high-fantasy TV series based on author Robert Jordan’s novels of the same name. From the powerful Aes Sedai to the cast and reputations, there is five things to know before you watch The Wheel of Time. Sponsored by Amazon Prime Video.

The Wheel of Time makes sit thousands of years after an event known as the smashing. Since then, only brides have been able to use magic, known as the One Power. The succession follows the strange Moiraine( Rosamund Pike) who is searching for an individual known as the Dragon. Moiraine believes in a revelation that tells of the rebirth of the dragon, the individual responsible for the breaking. In the town of Two Rivers she detects five people who could all be the Dragon reborn, Rand( Josha Stradowski ), Egwene( Madeleine Madden ), Perrin,( Marcus Rutherford ), Mat( Barney Harris) and Nyneve( Zoe Robins ). Led by Moiraine and her steward Lan( Daniel Henney) the 5 go on a wander to stop the dark one’s coerces rising and generating offset back to the world. Based on the series of tales written by Robert Jordan. Amazon Prime’s The Wheel of Time will adapt the first tale in the sequence, The Eye of the World, while incorporating constituents from the rest of the story. The Wheel of Time is available to watch on Amazon Prime video now, with further incidents released weekly.

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