Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, whom I’ve interviewed twice previously, was among the first U.S. specialists to develop an early care planned for the tale SARS-CoV-2 infection. He popularise the use of hydroxychloroquine and zinc, and when hydroxychloroquine became increasingly difficult to obtain, he was also among the first to identify quercetin as a viable alternative.

When the pandemic started, Zelenko was rehearsing in New York. He has since moved to Florida, where he’s been giving interviews for several hours a day, trying to spread the word about early medication and prevention. As noted by Zelenko 😛 TAGEND

“It’s a unusually treatable illnes — or should I say bioweapon? — if done within the first few days, because COVID is two maladies. It’s the virulent theatre of the virus, and then a week last-minute, “youve had” the pathogenic inflammatory reaction that does all the damage to the lungs and generates blood clots.

So, it’s all about timing. And the data is very clear. There are at present dozens of peer-reviewed studies that prove if you analyse COVID within the first few days, you have an 85% reduction in hospitalization and fatality. It’s a no-brainer. You could have saved 700,000 people from going to the hospital out of 800,000. ”

While licensed to practice medicine in Florida, Zelenko now devotes most of his time educating the public and other doctors. He’s too accessible via telemedicine, but his obsession has become researching and developing simple, natural approachings to complex health problems — including his own.

The Road Less Traveled

Zelenko has a rare type of cancer announced pulmonary vein sarcoma, which is typically fatal. He’s also undergone two open-heart surgeries and three years of chemo and radiation , none of which has resolved his problems.

“Almost four years ago, I was diagnosed with pulmonary vein sarcoma. There were 10 disputes on average per year, and they’re all found at autopsy. In my instance, they thought it was a blood clot that didn’t respond to blood-thinning medication.

So, the decision was made to do an embolectomy, open my chest, go into the pulmonary artery and take out the blood clot. But when they did that, they checked it was a tumor, and it had completely destroyed my claim lung. So, I lost my right lung. And they resected large areas of the pulmonary route and had to reconstruct it because you need that vein to live.

Then I was in chemo … I was pretty good for two years, and then it came back and had spread to my trendy as well. And so, I had another open-heart surgery. They had to replace one of my mettle valves, pulmonic valve. Then I proceeded for radiation to my trendy[ be accompanied by] genuinely ponderous chemo.

After two months on that, I went into congestive heart failure and developed cardiomyopathy … I retrieved from that, and was put on heart failure medication … A month after that … I developed COVID pneumonia … I was pretty sure I was going to leave in a box, yet I recovered.

A few months later, I disappeared for another CT scan, and they found, again, the tumor was back in the pulmonary route, but this time , no physician wanted to operate on me. A third open-heart procedure is very dangerous. They approximated more than 50% likelihood I would die on the table, which I didn’t like. So, I pointed up having pretty intense radiation to my mediastinum, where the tumor was.

That’s when you came into the picture, in terms of advising me about management. I culminated up having immunotherapy in Europe for two months with checkpoint inhibitors, but likewise hyperthermia and mistletoe infusions, and alpha lipoic battery-acid, high-dose vitamin C[ doses] and different other modalities. And I feel right than ever.

I had a CT scan last week, and it proved the tumor shrank by one-third. I spoke to the radiation oncologist who told me that a good upshot would’ve been the same size or smaller. It takes years to resolve. So, occasion “re going to tell”, but it’s easier for me to walk, and hemodynamically I’m more stable, and I feel good. Amen.”

The Surprising Role of Immunotherapy in Cancer

Overall, the “COVID story has completely altered the nature I look at life, ” Zelenko says. When he saw how natural, effective, over-the-counter mixtures for COVID were inhibited, while experimental gene carry shots were propagandized, he realized other cares might also be suppressed, such as cancer treatments.

“Probably, effective comings were marginalized in lieu of the more costly pharmaceutical comings, ” he says. “I’ll give you one example. Dr.[ William] Coley was an oncological surgeon who lives around 100 years ago, perhaps 120 several years ago. He noticed that he would operate on his patients, and the tumor would come back and they would die. And then he detected something quite interesting.

He had a patient with pancreatic cancer, Stage 4, inoperable. That case got very sick with an infection and became septic. He almost died, but he recovered and his tumor is away. He noticed that type of phenomenon a few more periods, and realized that there must be some immune reaction, immune response to the infection that wakes up the immune system to likewise affect the tumor.

So mostly, in my view, that was the birth of immunotherapy. Fever seems to play a role. It seems to have antitumor properties, as well as activating certain parts of your immune method. So, it’s fascinating. And that intelligence was buried for a good long time — 50, 60 years — until some doctors rediscovered it and started doing study. And I benefited from that in Europe.”

Hyperthermic Treatment for Cancer

We’ve come a long way since the days of Coley, who used toxins to provoke infection and fever. Today, hyperthermic medication is used instead. Basically, it’s all about conjuring your body temperature to about 104 stages Fahrenheit for four to six hours. Zelenko describes the treatment he experienced 😛 TAGEND

“It was quite an experience, having a temperature around 40 Celsius, let’s say 104 severities Fahrenheit, for five hours. You become a little loopy and a little watchful, but I drank a lot of liquors and had a nurse with me all the time. It was a pretty interesting experience.

There were whole-body hyperthermia machines and localized hyperthermia. Both are basically a fanciful sauna. It was like a spa actually. I did enjoy the care in most cases.”

As an digression, I sincerely feel sauna bathing is one of the most powerful biohacks available. I do it four times a week. I get my temperature up to about 102 degrees F. or so, for 20 minutes. I’ve witnessed it to be a intensely effective health practice to nip infections in the bud, and may also help articulated the brakes on any possible malignancies. I am currently exerting a paradigm full-spectrum SaunaSpace sauna that is EMF-free, has eight 250 watt bulbs and will likely be available last-minute this year.

Omicron Is Unstoppable, But Not To Be Feared

Getting back to the issue of COVID, over the past two years, the SARS-CoV-2 illnes has gone through a number of changes. Omicron, for example, is far more epidemic, but has far less severe evidences. As noted by Zelenko 😛 TAGEND

“Omicron is unstoppable. It’s more infectious than measles. Everyone’s going to get it. Sorry, but that’s the client. However, it seems to attack only the upper airway in most cases, and there are very few fatalities. It’s highly responsive to treatment as well, so there’s no reason to be afraid of it.”

In fact, we seemed to have been endowed a best-case scenario, in which a highly contagious virus will rip through specific populations, justification only mild coldnes manifestations, thus making flock exemption without the risk of mass casualties. “When two-thirds of specific populations gets through it, it essentially closeds down the pandemic, ” Zelenko says.

Vaccinating During a Pandemic Breeds Variants

In the interrogation, Zelenko explains how the many discrepancies we’ve seen have probably been a result of the mass “vaccination” campaign.

Three respected immunologists, Dr. Luc Montagnier( who won the Nobel Prize in 2008 for his invention of the HIV virus ), Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, the most published immunologist in record, and Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, a top immunologist in The Netherlands, have all warned that when you mass vaccinate in the midst of an active eruption, you stimulate variants to emerge.

“You exert evolutionary pressure and spawned more diversifying viruses, ” Zelenko says. “Now, there are at present two or three possibles. One could be that it was unintentional. Good, well-meaning beings developed what the fuck is envisioned would assist — a inoculation. Nonetheless, imparting it to parties during a pandemic has been an absolute failure.’ Oops, we’re sorry.’ That’s one possibility.

The other possibility is that whoever has orchestrated this knows exactly what they’re doing, and they are doing it on purpose to maintain the brand-new discrepancies and the effect of the that, which is essentially a psyop[ to begin] a world-wide psychosis due to fear, lockdowns and wearing a face diaper.

There’s one more possibility. There’s no feud; everyone who knows the facts of the case and has studied the issue knows that COVID-1 9 is a weapon stimulated in a laboratory. Gain-of-function research is nothing more than making a weapon of mass destruction and genocide, and there’s a patent path 20 years long that documents the different stages of development of this weapon.

And here’s my presupposition. I have no evidence of this, but I could say the following: If I could start the original virus, I could meet variants. It’s very easy. You simply modify a few cycles of the system that goes with the spike protein. You change its three-dimensional shape, and if you do it fairly, eliminate existing antibodies.

So again, I don’t have suggestion for that, but I do have evidence that[ SARS-CoV-2] is an artificially-made bioweapon. So why wouldn’t it be possible to shape variants the same way? I think it’s kind of a combination, multifactorial begin of variants — the natural God factor, the evolutionary distres utilized by vaccinating beings during an active pandemic, and then just outright constituting them.”

Antidotes to the Bioweapon Were Developed Beforehand

Zelenko goes on to recount a relatively recent realization. Back in March 2020, “hes seen” a MedCram video, incident 34,1 in which Dr. Roger Seheult explained some of the principles that he then ended up house his COVID protocol on. Seheult exclusively excerpted a article that interpreted the functioning of zinc ionophores.

That mechanism is what Zelenko relied upon when developing his own protocol. Nonetheless, he didn’t realize until December 2021 that the author of that central paper was Dr. Ralph Baric. Why does that are important? Zelenko illustrates 😛 TAGEND

“In 1999, Ralph Baric, funded by the U.S. government, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, figured out how to take an animal virus and have it be able to infect other genus, different animals, in other words, cross-species infection.

In 2015, the same Dr. Ralph Baric, and Dr. Zhengli[ at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China ], funded by the National Organization of Health, figured out how to make a corona bat virus infect human beings, and augmented its lethality to human life-times. That was in 2015. But in 2010, Baric published that paper that I’m referring to.

So, the development of the weapon happened in stages, but before it was loosed onto the human population, or the development of it being able to infect human beings, an remedy was reached. Research paid off by the government was published.

The same parties that represented the device, let’s say, likewise procreated the remedy to diffuse the bomb. And then, when the pandemic arrived, doctors like myself, out of necessity, been put forward with inventive mixtures, located — in my action, unknowingly — on the present working. And immediately, that intelligence was marginalized and stifled, and doctors were deplatformed for advocating for it.

So, the authorities concerned who uttered the rocket likewise knew about the mixture. And the reason why is they didn’t want to die. The stakeholders now don’t miss their families to die. But for you and for me, they have a different plan. So, the government has that information.

I have knowledge that the Google managers are all taking hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin for prophylaxis, as is half of Congress. And so, the person or persons that have orchestrated this knew the answer, and use it for themselves. Even physicians know the answer for themselves.

They prescribe[ these narcotics] for themselves, or they announce me. But when patients come, they say there’s no management, going to go, take Tylenol. So, this is mass murder.”

The COVID Jabs — Another Crime Against Humanity

In addition to killing innumerable number of parties by disavowing and quelling early care alternatives, governments around the world are also killing people with the COVID punches. A time into the vigorous campaign to insert as many beings as possible, it’s likely the shots “ve killed” more beings than have died from the infection. It’s very difficult to tell, regrettably, because the data are so seriously manipulated.

In 2015, Bill Gates said that the world population needs to be reduced by 15% through the use of inoculations because of global warming. The same Bill Gates in 2020 said 7 billion people must be injected. Why would I take a vaccine for my state from someone who’s advocating the use of inoculations to reduce the world population?~ Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

Zelenko thinks somewhere between 500,000 to 1 million Americans have been killed by the shots to date. Disturbingly, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration was aware that the shots could have serious consequences, more they pushed them anyway. What’s more, they refuse to address the mindboggling number of adverse events reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System( VAERS ). The security signal couldn’t possibly be clearer.

“In October, 2020, two months ago the vaccine rollout, there was an internal present in the FDA to its scientists, and on move 16 of that presentation, there was a list of side effects: death, heart attack, blow, blood clots, grim neurological diseases, myocarditis and numerous, many more, ” Zelenko says.

“Now keep in mind, this is two months prior to the rollout. After the vaccines were flattened out, and a few months into it, when the VAERS database started showing the side effects that parties were experiencing, there’s a 100% equivalence with what that slide said would happen, and what actually happened to human beings.

That is premeditated mass murder. FDA knew exactly what it was doing. They knew accurately the side effects, and they secreted it regardless … ”

What’s the Real Agenda?

Why would the FDA react this course? Why aren’t they safeguarding public health from a clearly destructive medication? And on the other hand, why aren’t they countenancing physicians to help people with early care? Zelenko asks 😛 TAGEND

“In the mid-‘ 90 s, it became obvious that the American economy was fated. The Medicare and Social Security structures would become insolvent, and that would cause a tsunami-like effect nationally and internationally. And it was unstoppable. It was[ mathematically inevitable ].

Medicare, according to Congressional Budget Office, in 2027 will begin the process towards bankruptcy. So, security as of today[ will previous until] 2034. Now, the major stakeholders in the world countries economies witnessed an existential threat. They understood that their strength and prosperity was in real jeopardy.

And so a programme was developed, which was beyond the technology at that time, but the technology was being developed. So, for example, the Human Genome Project was planned and completed.

Then CRISPR technology was developed, which is gene editing or gene splicing in very precise highways. That was sold as a space to cure genetic disorder. There’s a imperfect gene. You can precisely cut it out and splice in, chipped and paste, basically, a healthful gene.

That’s the upside. The downside is that it creates likelihoods to do gene revising for nefarious rationales. In 2015, Bill Gates said that the world population needs to be reduced by 15% through the use of vaccines because of global warming.

The same Bill Gates in 2020 said 7 billion people must be injected. So, the obvious rhetorical question is,’ Why would I take a vaccine for my state from someone who’s advocating the use of inoculations to reduce the world population? ’

In 2016, Klaus Schwab, in an interrogation said something very strange. He said here today within 10 years, by 2026, every single human being will be called with a digital identifier. What does that aim, and why?

Let’s go through the sequence of occasions. A bioweapon is determined with an remedy, which is being hushed and secreted.[ The bioweapon] is exhausted. It’s terribly easy to treat. However, that information is being quashed, and access to those prescriptions is being checked, and doctors who are advocating for it are being persecuted.

Anything that seems to give people hope, abated tension, encourage reintegration with your loved ones seems to be immediately berated, even early intervention. If you look at the NIH, they recommend, as of today , not to treat COVID unless they’re in research hospitals with lung impairment. Don’t do that.

And so, I was wondering, what is really going on? And why this incessant push to inject everyone? Why penitentiary physicians for using meds at work? Because it helps the inoculation hesitancy.

Then I realise something. There were two patents that I became aware of. They’re separated by a year, but they’re associated in the baffle, in the concept. One was August 31, 2021, that describes … nanotechnology engineering. 2 It basically describes the following 😛 TAGEND

That there is the capability, information and communication technologies, already existing, in these inoculations that allows for the measurement of biometric data, making your heart rate, your respiratory rate, temperature, and then the transmission of that data with your location to a third party.

That didn’t even make sense to me. Like what? But then I recognized there’s another patent owned by Microsoft. This one I remember by feeling. It’s an international patent, WO202060606. You can’t make this stuff up. That patent describes link of biometric data transmission to cryptocurrency.

Then I got it. And by the way, 2026, when everyone’s supposed to be called with a digital ID, let’s call it an internal Auschwitz tattoo, is a year before the start of the insolvency of Medicare and the beginning of fiscal fold. And so, the real agenda has become obvious to me.

It’s never been about health. COVID-1 9 is easy to treat. It was always about exploiting fright and mass psychosis to get 7 billion people to voluntarily get injected with the technology that would permit them to participate in the brand-new cryptocurrency-based system, information systems that the world will use for finance.

Fiat currency and all the traditional ways of events will be gone. The only way that you actually will be able to participate in business, of buying meat, let’s say, is having a transmitting sensor of information with your locating. It’s the mark of the beast, if you really want to know. With that, you can then buy bread for their own families …

Gates and Schwab[ are] both talking talk about how these inoculations change who you are. What does that planned? They explain it.[ With] the gene editing engineering, they are compiling the human better. That’s transhumanism. I call it Human 2.0. Human 1.0 is the version made by God. We are is imprinted[ with God] in our genetic code. We’re constituted in the image of God because we have his system in us.

Now, would you afford Bill Gates or Klaus Schwab the password to your home security system? Why would we give him access to our genetic code? Human 2.0, in the demented, depraved, deranged subconscious of these parties is the next step up in the evolution of human beings. And I’m saying that if you allow that to happen to yourself, you’re no longer cleared in the image of God. You’re compiled in the image of Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab.”

A Ploy to Tag Us for the NWO’s Slave System

So, in summary, Zelenko believes that everything we’ve experienced still further — the vigorous marketing of the shots, the coercion and threats made to get as numerous injected as possible — has all been a ploy to “tag” as many parties as possible preparing for the New World Order’s cryptocurrency system, which will be managed by a small select group, and used to enslave all of humanity.

As noted by Zelenko, the World Economic Forum has publicly announced that by 2030, the U.S. will no longer be a superpower, and a few countries will be in charge of world governance. Now, how do you destabilize an financial locomotive like the U.S .?

“You create a pandemic, ” Zelenko says. “You lock down middle class businesses, small and medium-sized companies … But you leave Walmart and Home Depot open … It’s a abundance assign from the middle class to the people in power. It’s a burglary, basically.

This is one large-scale attempt at enslaving humanity. It’s a splendid plan, by the way. It’s evil, but it’s brilliant because bondage has always been the most lucrative industry and asset throughout human history. Now is no different. And so, you have a few sociopaths who believes in their immortality and think that they’ll transfer their consciousness to some cyborg, experiencing around the world as their playground.”

Zelenko goes on to discuss the statements carven on the Georgia Guidestones, a huge granite monument made anonymously in a small town in Georgia, which is laid down in 10 precepts. The first one is that the world population should be reduced to and maintained at 500 million. If the COVID shots continue, it’s not inconceivable that the human population might be reduced to that size.

The Why Behind the Genocide

A few months ago, Elon Musk debuted his humanoid robots, saying that since these robots will remove 90% of the workforce, we therefore need universal basic income. This too is part of The Great Reset plan, which adopts both technocracy and transhumanism.

“Keep in head that in the minds of these parties, we’re not moved in the discern[ epitome ]. We’re cockroaches. And they’re not going to throw endless universal income riches at cockroaches for too long. They’ll do it initially to identify the useless eaters, and then they will be liquidated. This has happened before.

Just 80 years ago you had the Nazi ideology based on eugenics, which created three categories of beings. You have the ubermensch, what Nietzsche would call Superman. Then the mensch, which is the human, and then the untermensch, which is the subhuman. In the[ Nazi] simulate, the[ Nazis were] Supermen, heirs of Aryan divinities. That returned them the authority to enslave others.

So, for example, the Anglo-Saxons, mostly Europeans, were meant to be slaves to the Aryans. And the subhumans, which I belong to — Jews, gypsies, Slavs, hampered, political prisoners — we were meant to be vaporized, become dust.

That ideology did not go away. It resurfaced with the nuance that is not antisemitic right now. In a kind of an abstract space, we’re all Jews this time, because the hierarchy here is not based on religion or identity, but instead on the deranged notion that they’ve derived, the Superman of the current generation, into a higher level of consciousness.

They’re woke and they understand and are taught about the specific characteristics of the human condition. They’re stewards of countries around the world, and therefore it’s their responsibility to make sure the planet has solvency, that it continues to exist. And hence, we have to reduce the world population.”

Cause for Optimism

While humanity is in a most precarious position, Zelenko is optimistic about the future.

“I’ll tell you what I actually think is going on, ” he says. “There’s what we envision, and then there’s the, let’s call it spiritual physics, at dally. Karl Jung, the far-famed psychoanalyst, wrote,’ The moral deterioration of civilization begins with the degradation of the individual.’ From that, we can actually learn that moral improvement of society begins with improvement of the individual.

We, as a society, over the last 50, 60 years, have made some very bad choices. For speciman, we’ve desanctified or desecrated gender personas … Marriage has lost its sanctity. The unborn are being pogrom. In the Bible, there are at present two metropolitans that were destroyed, Sodom and Gomorrah, and there’s an analysis why that happened. It wasn’t because of the sin, because the whole world was immoral.

It was because they codified sin into the law of the region. That’s exactly what has happened in[ the U.S .] We’ve devolved … We sacred the God of discipline, the god of technology, the deity of coin, deity of dominance. Anything but[ the real] God. And we are clearly practicing child sacrifice.

Dr. Michael Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer, told me personally, and then he actually publicized it, that for every one child that dies of COVID, 100 die from the vaccine. The[ COVID shot] is 100 times more lethal to children than COVID. What do you call that? That’s child sacrifice.

So, I feel that, by way of analogy, we’re in the generation of flood. The mansion is going to get emptied, and each individual is given a choice to get on the ark or not.

Or, to make it simpler, who do you bow down to? Do you bow down to your make, who acquires you in every point of season? Do you ask[ God] for gallantry, perseverance, strength, resolve, the ability to deal with the unknown and horror? Or are you going to give in to the fear and bow down to corrupt sociopaths, oligarchs, tainted authorities, and the false-hearted predict of the golden calf of these inoculations?

Because at this target, in this country at least , no one’s deeming you down and putting a needle into your appendage. The majority of beings, they want to travel by plane. They don’t want to lose their job. They want to go to school. It’s all these kinds of quality of life decisions. In other names, in a normal society, the parents relinquish for the well-being of the children. In pagan societies, we sacrifice the children for the purpose of the adults.”

Peaceful Civil Disobedience Is the Answer

So, what’s the answer? Can we stop this transhumanist path that menaces the core of what draws us human? Can we frustrate this plan for our enslavement from coming to fruition? Zelenko believes there is a way, as do I.

“The answer is we need organized civil disobedience. Do not comply. They can’t jail everyone. They can’t ardour everyone. They can’t ostracize everyone. They can’t fasten down everyone. There’s many more of us than them. And actually, let me speak to the military leaders, to the police, to people that are charged to protect society.

You too have children. You also have parents. And we are relying on you to do what’s best for the citizens of this country, to protect us from all adversaries, foreign and domestic. All we need to do is to coalesce with like-minded people. Take your kids out of school. Homeschool them. You can teach them morality.

The World Health Organization came out with an fiat that if your adolescents go to school, that’s suggested allow for the vaccine because you could have not sent them. And since you sent them to academy, that’s implying that you’re consenting for them to be vaccinated, even without your knowledge.

Basically, we have to make small pockets, like cities of refuge, in a certain sense, of like-minded people; create an alternate society; do exchange with ourselves. I know there are forces genuinely working hard to create an alternate cryptocurrency or blockchain plan that is decentralized and would allow for people who don’t want to be called with a digital identifier to transact with each other.”

As noted by Zelenko, it’s becoming more and more obvious that the pandemic measures were never about protecting us from COVID. It was always about creating a new world order. It was about determining the stage for a Great Reset to “Build Back Better.”

But better for whom? The Build Back Better plan is about building “a society run by a few sociopaths and the rest of us enslaved, ” Zelenko says. The good bulletin is that more and more parties are now starting to see this plan, and “once that actualization reachings a certain threshold of beings, countries are going to change and dusk like dominoes, ” he says.

As for when we might get our discretion back, that depends on us. As noted by Zelenko, “freedom isn’t free.” We were free( at least up until 2020) because our forefathers had the daring to confront tyranny. If we want our children to be free, we now have to display that same courage.

“Whether or not our children will be free depends on whether or not we are ready to sacrifice, ” Zelenko says. “Are we ready, in this generation, to pay the price to ensure that our children thrive in freedom and have the ability to maintain God consciousness?

It’s going to happen. The uncharted variable is to body count. I would hope that this interview contacts the consciousness of every single human being. People must choose to say no from this detail on.”

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