Fans of The Oregon Trail will be delighted to know that Gameloft has just released a massive inform to the game on Apple Arcade. The charming escapade title now has tons of extra collectibles for the most avid completionists, as well as brand new fishing gameplay machinists( because who doesn’t love chilling along the waters and waiting for a bite ?).

Of course, video games too bides true-blue to its educational aspects, as an updated version facets undertakings that are based on real-life incidents like the Wind Wagon. The Oregon Trail contributes new excursions such as the Lost Hollow, where players can experience Stephen Meek and his party’s challenging struggle to manage equips while trapped in a desert. A new Peppard’s Folly quest experiences Samuel Peppard and William Thomas competing against each other to create the Wind Wagon firstly, while the Frail Monument quest tells actors get to know a moving family and their child.

As for the brand-new Fishing game mode, players can dive into this as a standalone mini-game or as part of all the main Journeys. You’ll get to find, collect, and sell different kinds of fishies from various regions, as well as learn about the early history of the relaxing activity along the Oregon Trail.

The big update also offers plenty of quality-of-life betters such as a revamped user interface with more accessible pieces, as well as modernized UI for activity stats and party drafting. Improvements to River Crossing and to the Wagon Grease have been attained, along with bug determines and localization updates to ensure a smoother gameplay experience.

The Oregon Trail is available to play on the Apple Arcade subscription busines, which you can sign up for with a price tag of $4.99 a month.

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