LOTR expert, Cory Olsen( The Tolkien Professor) reacts to LOTR The Rings of Power, Amazon Studios very own LOTR TV show. In our recent IGN Expert Reacts, our Tolkien expert breaks down just how faithful this new LOTR series will be, from young Galadriel, to the inclusion of Harfoot hobbits, a dwarven princess with no beard, and even Finrod and the engagement of Dagor Bragollach. Here’s his Rings of Power reaction.

Corey Olsen is a coach and podcaster. He’s here to share his expert Middle Earth and Numenor LOTR expert knowledge, and apply it to the recent LOTR Rings of Power trailer. Check out how the upcoming Lord of the Rings: The Sounds of Power Amazon series is mold up so far.

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00:00 – Intro
00:40 – The Setup
04:48 – Hobbit Perspective
08:31 – Nomadic Hunters
10:20 – Galadriel
13:10 – Arondir
14:32 – Tolkien’s Characters
16:49 – Something Is Coming…
18:21 – Prince Durin IV
18:53 – Elrond
20:18 – Disa The Dwarven Princess
21:59 – Sauron’s Arrival?
23:42 – Fall of Finrod?
25:43 – Final Thoughts

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