No we are able to argue that the contemporary Rolex Submariner is a beautifully superb timepiece, in the same mode that nobody can disclaim the yield a few examples of the world’s favorite dive watch are the epitome of understated cool.

However, both modern and classic have their drawbacks. The Super case and Maxi dial of the present lineup are not to everyone’s taste–the thicker lugs and crown protectors, and increased indicators, represent Rolex’s compromise for those desperate for the Sub to grow beyond its time-honored 40 mm features. Additionally, the brand’s patented Cerachrom bezel, while practically indestructible, will never develop the unique patina countless collectors live for.

The modern Rolex Submariner, while functional, is not to everyone's liking

The modern Rolex Submariner, while functional, “re not going to” everyone’s liking

Conversely, the modelings from the first one-fourth century or so of the Sub’s existence are missing various facets that start last-minute comments easier been like living with period to daylight. Tough sapphire quartzs, for example, did not change the former plexiglass until 1979. The rotating bezel didn’t grown unidirectional until 1981. And of course, the performance of a modern caliber will always outperform those from yesteryear. Included to that is the fact a vintage anything is frequently most fragile than its present daytime copy.

Perhaps the best solution all round is a Submariner with the very latest in inventions, wrapped up in a body still engulf in golden age nostalgia.

The Rolex Submariner ref. 14060

In 1990, Rolex eventually got around to ousting the marvelous ref. 5513, a comment that started life in 1962 and one which spawned MilSubs as well as acts as the test berth for the Helium Escape Valve, afterwards to go on to find a permanent home on the Sea-Dweller.

The Rolex Submariner 14060

The Rolex Submariner 14060

The model that superseded it was the ref. 14060, generally seen as the connection between the then and now, and the last of the classic Submariners.

First, the usual. Like every Sub beloved by the purist, the 14060 is a no-date. The preamble of a appointment peculiarity on the ref. 1680 from 1969 split devotees down the middle , not so much better for the complication itself but for the inclusion of Rolex’s Cyclops lens over the three o’clock space. It was quarrelled, with some reason, that the new additive ruined the equality of the dial.

Elsewhere, the bezel slip is aluminum, still specially robust but open to fading when exposed to seawater or UV light, delivering with it an image unique to each specific watch.

The case is the final pre-Super example, retaining the skinny, cleaning chart over the far more brawny simulations of today’s list. And, for an extra cherry-red on top, it is the last to have lug excavations, and nothing turns a collector’s intelligence relatively like a lug puncture. It symbolizes switching the original hollow tie Oyster bracelet for a leather strap or even a NATO is conspicuously easy, establishing one watch three particularly distinct looks.

Now for the updated information. The ref. 14060 became the first no-date Sub to have both a sapphire crystal and a Triplock crown, the components working together to ensure a waterproof rating of 300m, up from the ref. 5513 ’s 200 m.

The Rolex ref. 5513 was only rated up to

The Rolex ref. 5513( pictured above) was merely rated up to 200 m

Inside, the former Cal. 1520 was replaced with the Cal. 3000, producing the watch into line with the standard Rolex balance frequency of 28,800 vph.

While the Cal. 3000 was surely a more modern shift than before, it was missing a got a couple of aspects which were included as a matter of course on most other Rolex instruments.

The most glaring omission was the Breguet overcoil, the brand opting instead for a flat hairspring. A customary vicinity in mechanical timepieces for over 200 times, the overcoil ensures greater accuracy by providing a more coherent tension to the springtime. With the 14060 put under as the least expensive Submariner, the absence of the case could well have been to keep expenditures down.

Regardless, the Cal. 3000 was engineered well enough to eventually go on to gain certification from the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute, but not those ticking inside the ref. 14060. Acquiring another aesthetic from its 5513 predecessor, the 14060 was always a’ two-liner’, never in particular the’ Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified’ tag on its dial that comes from guiding its COSC tests.

The ref. 14060 M

Nearly a decade afterwards, Rolex stimulated fairly of a change to the ref. 14060 to warrant computing a suffix to its cite figure, but not one big enough to merit a new crowd altogether.

The Rolex Submariner 14060M (

The Rolex Submariner 14060 M (” m” signifying modified

Standing for’ Modified’, the ref. 14060 M was released after 1999 with a revised stature, the Cal. 3130. The no-date account of the base Cal. 3135 which had been powering the Submariner Date series since 1988, the Cal. 3130 brought with it many of these components missing from the previous iteration.

The Breguet overcoil was rehabilitated, a larger balance wheel fitted and the remaining balance rooster replaced with a full equilibrium bridge.

All told, it applied the Cal. 3130 an improved recital, and its physical sizing, 28 mm diameter and 6mm in summit, lent it an intrinsic fortitude; excellent for the toughest of tool watches.

Even so, the first contemporary of the ref. 14060 M were also two-liners. Rolex still seemed reluctant to submit the watch to the scrutiny of the COSC, and so they were not modified as chronometers.

It wasn’t until as recently as 2007 that the brand sought official approving, leaving collectors with the choice when purchasing a 14060 M of going for a formally sanctioned four-liner Superlative Chronometer, or adhering with the cleaner dial and more vintage-inspired two-liner.


Are the ref. 14060 and the ref. 14060 M the ultimate best of both worlds when it comes to the Rolex Submariner? There are certainly plenty of pitches in their favor.

Each prolongs the iconic appearance of the large vintages of the past. Each has the classic phone uncluttered by year windows and exacerbating lenses. Yet both too enclose modern campaigns, with the sort of bombproof reliability upon which Rolex has long constructed its reputation.

The Rolex Submariner 14060M

The Rolex Submariner 14060 M

In fact, the stature in the ref. 14060 M is the equivalent one still used in the contemporary watch, some 20 -years later.

Coupled with that is the patina-attracting bezel, something that will continue to set private individuals watch apart as epoch gone on and, perhaps excellent of all, they are still some of the most obtainable examples on the pre-owned grocery today. Entry into the’ last-place of the best’ fraternity beginning at around $5,500 to $6,000.

With a history going back over six decades, each remark of the Rolex Submariner is a classic. As such, there is no such happening as chosen by the’ wrong’ simulation. But for all over versatility, the ref. 14060, the links between age-old and brand-new, is in a conference of its own.

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