Epic fantasy narratives like The Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones may mix medieval mythology with magic, but The Last God is looking to do something a little different. The brand-new fiction comic streak from DC’s Black Label is diving into cruelty, imagining the most grotesque, perturbing, and undeniably quenching characters and conflicts that exist in the shadows , usually unseen and unexplored by the shimmering , princely heroes. And that extends to the inexplicable( and frightening) idols the creators have now revered.

Screen Rant had the chance to speak with writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson about the thorough lore and mythology erected for The Last God, and now we’re pleased to offer a glimpse behind the scenes, with creator Riccardo Federici’s idea portrays of the deities who appointed the nations of the world of Cain Anuun out of the void … and The Last God who has returned to destroy it.

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These ancient deities existed long before the world of Cain Anuun and its tenants came into being, with none more sinister or panicking than the titular survivor, described by writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson as the personification of the void smothering Creation, “that’s been hungrily watching us from the window since the day we were born.” readers are guaranteed to get more than one insight into the history of Cain Anuun and the gods who once governed it, since the story of The Last God straddles decades, following the heroes who claimed to assassinate the darkness, and the heirs learning the frightful truth.

We’ll let Johnson explain how artist Riccardo Federici translated that mythology onto the page in all its unsettling allure 😛 TAGEND

The divinities of Cain Anuun are the creators of their world-wide, living creatures that have long since died( all but one, that is) and left their creation to lesser beings like us. Their floors are retained by almost no one in Cain Anuun, but we’ll come to learn that their actions left profound repercussions, and their mysteries will have to be uncovered for anyone or anything to survive.

Riccardo is a genius at persona pattern, so after interpreting to him who the gods were, I left their visual pattern only in his hands. His brilliant designings facilitated me further flesh out the gods’ personas, their biographies, and their capacities in the proposed establishment of Cain Anuun.

So with that, readers can feast their sees on the deities behind the ancient history of The Fellspyre Chronicles: Mol Kalakto, Mol Anyue, Mol Rangma, Mol Choresh, Ang Luthia, and The Last God itself, Mol Uhltep.

Artist Riccardo Federici has prepared sure to turn every preview of The Last God into a mixture of classic fantasize, and creepy repugnance( the likes of which will never be found in the work of either Tolkien or Martin ). But for all the time spent establishing the races, lives, and cultures at work on The Last God, Federici was able to let his own thought run wild in reckon these dark, ancient deities 😛 TAGEND

I love to design places, environments and beasts from other worlds, so THE LAST GOD offered me the awesome opportunity to express my ardour. When I read the first conceptions from Phillip, I immediately came up with thousands of themes that I then tried to condense into what later became the characters and sits of this story. I was lucky, because a great deal of courages have been approved right away and this is very important, as it means that there is a great professional harmony between myself and Phillip!

Phillip tried to create a fantasy world that would excite fans of this genre. I has no such specific show on the illusion of the deities. To cause them I had to rely only on their legend – and that was perfect for me!

These deities are ancient and information but have an singular and mysterious side that does not follow the logic of earthly physical ordinances. This helps to highlight the oddity of the strange, gothic, undesirable and distorted nature of THE LAST GOD.

Interested readers and followers of fright fantasize can experience these demons and many more, when DC’s The Last God# 1 arrives in your local comic book shop October 30 th, 2019.

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