The Flash 2022 movie will be the end of the Synderverse Batman, according to Ben Affleck who says he’s hanging up the mantle and cowl. Speaking with the Herald Sun about the pressures of the role, he acknowledges it contributed significantly to an alcohol lapsing and subsequently pulling out of his planned Batman solo movie. Affleck likewise stated in the interview how the reshoots for the Zack Snyder Justice League film and shooting scenes for The Flash actually made a neat finish on his experience with that courage. #TheFlashMovie will see Ben Affleck reprising his capacity considered to be in the Zack Snyder films, Batman. In other amusement story, the Fallout TV series is beginning production this year, and Deadline expressed the view that superintendent Jonathan Nolan will be helming the sequence debut. You may be familiar with Nolan as the co-creator of HBO’s Westworld, and with the two owneds sharing same themes of a dystopian world-wide, he’s emphatically a great fit. And speaking of Amazon, they recently drooped a first look at The Boys season 3. In it, Homelander and Starlight are all smiles, despite the gory and horrendou culminating of season 2.

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