Sorry, WHAT happened to Kate ?! Watch your back, the Fear Street Trilogy is out now and the world is* dying* to know the answers to these questions. We scoured Google, Reddit and the web to find the most scoured topics about the cast, crew and the haunting narrative of Sarah Fier.

0:00 – 1:21 – The Fear Street Trilogy
0:14 – 1:22 – Is Fear Street based on a true-blue narration?
1:23 – 1:38 – Which volumes are the cinemas based on?
1:55 – 2:41 – Who virtuosoes in Fear Street?
2:42 – 3:27 – Where was Fear Street filmed?
3:28 – 4:20 – Who is the bad person in Fear Street?
4:27 – 5:33 – Who dies in Fear Street?

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Answers to the Internet’s Most Searched Questions About The Fear Street Trilogy | Netflix

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